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The numbers are: 48+49 = 97

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2015-06-29 11:50:13
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Q: The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is ninety seven . What are the two numbers?
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What is the sum of 2 consecutive whole numbers is equal to ninety nine?

49 + 50 = 99

What are 2 consecutive whole numbers that 35 lies between?

Consecutive whole numbers have no other whole numbers between them.

What are the two consecutive whole numbers of 80?

There are two consecutive odd, whole numbers. The numbers are 39 and 41.

The average of 33 consecutive whole numbers is 58 what is the smallest of these whole numbers?

The average of 33 consecutive whole numbers is 58, what is the smallest of these whole numbers? The answer is 42

What is 21 over 4 as a consecutive whole numbers?

21/4 is not a whole number and it cannot be represented as consecutive whole numbers.

What is the consecutive numbers in mathematical algebra?

Consecutive numbers are whole numbers whose difference is 1.

What two consecutive numbers add up to 60?

Consecutive whole numbers will have an odd sum. Consecutive odd numbers, or consecutive prime numbers, will be 29 and 31.

Can two consecutive whole numbers whole numbers be prime?

The only two consecutive whole numbers that are prime numbers are 2 and 3. Otherwise, every second consecutive whole number in sequence is even, and being multiples of 2, they cannot be prime.

What 4 consecutive whole numbers have a total of 75?

There is no set of four consecutive whole numbers whose sum is 75.

What name is given to all the numbers that can be expressed as the sum of two consecutive whole numbers?

It is called a whole consecutive number.

What is the consecutive whole numbers of 0.5625?

No two consecutive whole numbers equal 0.5625 using the basic operations of arithmetic.

What are two consecutive whole numbers that lie between 67.3?

There aren't two consecutive whole numbers that fulfill that request.

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