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62.50 this is from Gardiany

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Q: The value of a graphing calculator is 225 After 2 years the value of this calculator is 160 Find the value of the calculator after 5 years?
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Where can one find free online Graphing Calculator?

Someone can find a free online graphing calculator at Meta-Calculator. On Meta-Calculator one can find graphing, scientific, matrix, statistics, and programmer's calculators.

Where can you find a online graphing calculator? that should help

Where can you find a graphing calculator to use online?

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Where can one find a free graphing calculator online?

There are several websites focused on mathematics that offer free online graphing calculators. Some of the best calculators are those found at Meta-Calculator, CoolMath, and Desmos.

How do you use a graphing calculator to solve quadratic equations?

Graph the equation then find the x intercepts.

Where can someone purchase a Texas Instruments TI Plus Graphing Calculator if they are on a budget?

Someone can purchase a Texas Instruments TI Plus Graphing Calculator from Amazon and eBay if they are on a budget. One can find good discounts from them or buy it used.

Is there an online graphing calculator that helps you find the curve of best fit?

This link seems to fill the bill.

Where can I find a Present Value Calculator online?

Many websites have a present value calculator, you should be able to find ones that are free and easy to use. You will need to enter in the future value, intrest rate and the number of years.

How do you find the equation that matches a scattered plot?

use a graphing calculator. chances are, it's not linear; it's probably got some high-degree function with non-whole number coefficients. i think you can download a free graphing calculator online.

How do you find absolute value on a graphing calculator?

Hit the y= button. then hit the math key, scroll over to number, select the first choice abs( make sure you end your parenthesis, then hit graph

Where online can one find a home value calculator?

There are many places one might go to find a home value calculator. The official Chase website offers this type of calculator in addition to other resources.

Where can one find a loan interest calculator?

Bankrate offers a free online loan calculator, as does the Calculator website. Alternatively, one can do the calculations manually; with an initial value of A and an interest rate of B per year, the value after C years is A*(1+B)^C, where the "^" represents exponentiation.