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not likely and near impossible

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Q: There are 40 computers total with 7 computers that are defective. 10 are selected at random. If one defect is found the plant will be shut down. What is the probability the plant will be shut down?
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What is the difference between Defect and Defective?

A defective product has a defect: "My phone is defective" "What defect does it have?" "The defect is that the screen is broken" To defect can also mean to switch sides e.g. from an army or a political party

What is difference bet defect and defective?

defect has few problems defective could not be used or not usable

If the probability of a defect is 0.015 what is the probability of not having a defect?

1-.015 = .985

What is an adjective for defect?


What is the adjective form of defect?


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Does defect mean the same thing as defective?

No, to defect is to move your allegiance to the opposite side in a struggle or war. Defective means something does not work as it should.

What is the abstract nouns of DEFECTIVE?

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'defective' is defectiveness, a word for a quality; a word for a concept.The word 'defective' is the adjective form of the noun 'defect', which can be an abstract or concrete noun depending on the context in which it is used.

What is a sentence for the word defective?

Here are some sentences.Will the spy defect to our country?She will defect once she escapes from her escort.

If 10 percent of all disk drives produced on an assembly line are defective what is the probability that there will be exactly one defect in a random sample of 5 of these?

It is 5C1*(1/10)1*(9/10)4 = 0.3281

What does defect mean?

adjective: having a defect or flaw;flaulty;imperfect or characterized by subnormal intelligence;behavior noun:a defective person or thing

What usually happen if a man has a defective organ?

It would depend on which organ and what defect.