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Q: There is a relationship between the in the hyperbola's equation and the equations for the hyperbola's asymptotes?
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The graph of the equation below is a hyperbola What are the slopes of the hyperbolas asymptotes?

7/12 and 7/12 is the answer

What is the relationship between the hyperbola equation and the equation for the hyperbola asymptotes?

If the equation of a hyperbola is ( x² / a² ) - ( y² / b² ) = 1, then the joint of equation of its Asymptotes is ( x² / a² ) - ( y² / b² ) = 0. Note that these two equations differ only in the constant term. ____________________________________________ Happy To Help ! ____________________________________________

What are the equation of the asymptotes for each graph?

that's simple an equation is settled of asymptotes so if you know the asymptotes... etc etc Need more help? write it

There is a relationship between the denominators in the hyperbola's equation and the equations for the hyperbola's?


How do you find horizontal and vertical asymptotes?

finding vertical asymptotes is easy. lets use the equation y = (2x-2)/((x^2)-2x-3) since its a rational equation, all we have to do to find the vertical asymptotes is find the values at which the denominator would be equal to 0. since this makes it an undefined equation, that is where the asymptotes are. for this equation, -1 and 3 are the answers for the vertical ayspmtotes. the horizontal asymptotes are a lot more tricky. to solve them, simplify the equation if it is in factored form, then divide all terms both in the numerator and denominator with the term with the highest degree. so the horizontal asymptote of this equation is 0.

What makes an equation either inconsistent consistent dependent or independent?

That doesn't apply to "an" equation, but to a set of equations (2 or more). Two equations are:* Inconsistent, if they have no common solution (a set of values, for the variables, that satisfies ALL the equations in the set). * Consistent, if they do. * Dependent, if one equation can be derived from the others. In this case, this equation doesn't provide any extra information. As a simple example, one equation is the same as another equation, multiplying both sides by a constant. * Independent, if this is not the case.

What are the importance of linear equation?

They are the simplest form of relationship between two variables. Non-linear equations are often converted - by transforming variables - to linear equations.

Does an ellipse have asymptotes?

ellipses do have asymptotes, but they are imaginary, so they are generally not considered asymptotes. If the equation of the ellipse is in the form a(x-h)^2 + b(y-k)^2 = 1 then the asymptotes are the lines a(y-k)+bi(x-h)=0 ai(y-k)+b(x-h)=0 the intersection of the asymptotes is the center of the ellipse.

How do you find asymptotes of a graph?

Asymptotes occur in places where the equation is not valid E.g the equation (1-2x)/x is not valid when x=0 (otherwise you'd be dividing by zero, which is not allowed). Thus there is a asymptote along the x-axis. If you have an equation in a similar form to the one above (i.e a/b) , look at the denominator (b) and work out where it is not valid. This is generally the easiest method of finding asymptotes. Other ways include "trial and error" - subbing in numbers and finding the place where it becomes mathematically impossible to have the equation running along that point. Sometimes it is easier to sub a few numbers into the equation to begin with, and draw a sketch of where you think it goes. This should highlight areas /how many asymptotes to expect; after that you just have to find out exact locations.

How does writing equivalent equations help you solve a system of equations?

You can write an equivalent equation from a selected equation in the system of equations to isolate a variable. You can then take that variable and substitute it into the other equations. Then you will have a system of equations with one less equation and one less variable and it will be simpler to solve.

What are the benefits of graphical representation of equations?

Graphing an equation allows you to visualize the relationship between variables and predict values of one relative to the other

What is a related equation?

A related equation is a set of equations that all communicate the same relationship between three values, but in different ways. Example: a+b=c a=c-b b=c-a