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The number seven is [perfection to God]

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Q: There were seven branches what does the number seven symbolize?
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What is the US the symbol of freedom?

The Eagle holding arrows in one talon and olive branches in the other. The arrows symbolize war and the olive branches symbolize peace.

Why is a tree used for family tree?

A tree is used because the branches well symbolize the spreading branches of a family.

How many IBM branches are in Bangalore?

seven branches are there in bangalore

What is an advent wreath and what do the branches symbolize?

An Advent wreath is a circle, usually composed of pine branches, with four candles. They represent the four Sundays of Advent. The branches are because the people who invented them liked evergreen branches.

What does the word seven symbolize in the Bible?

Some in biblical numerology say the word seven or number 7 means 'completion or perfection.' Multiple usage of this number like 777 would indicate an intesifying.

What does a squirrel symbolize?

There are an unlimited number of things that a squirrel can symbolize. Squirrels can symbolize love or chaos in the world.

Number of branches in the federal government?

there are three branches

What does number 13 symbolize?

The number 13 can symbolize different things for different people. It can symbolize a snake, dragon or Satan. It can also symbolize purity and cleanliness. Some people believe the number 13 is unlucky which is why hotels never have a thirteenth floor.

What does a tattoo of the number 19 symbolize?

The number 19.

Is there a christian meaning in the menorah?

Yes. The 7 branches of the menorah symbolize the 7 churches that are talked about in revelation.

The number of main branches in our government is?

There are 3 main branches.

What do the seven spikes on crown symbolize on the statue of liberty?


What does the number 29 symbolize?

it is a good example of a prime number

What was Poe symbolically expressing in 'Mask of the Red Death' by using the number 7?

The number seven has very ominous meaning in mysticism. There are seven deadly sins, and seven cardinal virtues. The seven rooms in Edgar Allan Poe's 'Masque of the Red Death,' symbolize the seven stages of life that are passed through in pursuit of the masked figure.

How many Nestle branches in the Philippines?

It has seven dragonballs

Which tube line has the most number of branches?

The Northern line is the tube line that has the most number of branches.

Number of branches of earth science?

four branches of earth science

What does the number 80 symbolize in the Bible?


The constitution consists of seven that explain the branches and functions of the US government?

The constitution consists of seven ________ that explain the branches and also functions of the united states government?

What do seaven spikes on the crown symbolize?

Seven seas and seven continents of the world enforcing the concept of liberty.

What does a sea horse symbolize?

There are a number of things a sea horse could symbolize. A sea horse could symbolize peace or fragility for example.

What is the total number of biology branches?

biology has two branches:- zoology and botany

Number of branches of government?


What does statue of liberty crowns 7 spokes symbolize?

freedom shining over the seven seas and the seven continents

Why does the menorah have 7 branches?

The Torah commands that the menorah (candelabrum) of the Bais Hamikdash (Temple) should have seven branches (Exodus ch.25). (Not to be confused with our Hanukkah-menorahs, which have eight candles plus a helper-candle used to light the others.) Various types of symbolism can be suggested for this. The clearest connection is that, since God created the world in seven days (Genesis ch.1), the number seven has always had a connection with the Divine: seventh day of Sabbath, seventh year of shemittah, forty-nine days of Omer, seven days of Pesach, seven days of Sukkot, and the many instances of the number seven in the offerings (Numbers ch.28-29). Seven also represents the world, with its seven continents and "seven seas". The ancients also listed their seven branches of wisdom.