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To start with we need to find what the current range median mode and mean is for the first 4 results: 80, 88, 94, 98 Current range = 98-80 =18 current median = (88+94)/2 =91 Current mode= there is not one most frequent score so they're all the mode Current mean=(80+88+94+98)/4 =90 When we add the additional score of 85 We have 80,85,88,94,98 Range doesn't change (highest score and lowest score is still the same) Median (middle score) is now 88. This has decreased from before Mode: There is still no one most frequent score as no exam mark occurs twice Mean = (80+85+88+94+98)/5 = 89 This has also decreased. Hope this helps

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Q: These are Melissa's test scores for the last 4 tests eighty eighty-eight niney-four niney-eight. If Melissa scores 85 on the next test what happens to the range the median the mode and the mean?
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