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Yes. Adding eight to any number and then subtracting that number will leave the eight.

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Q: Think of a number one through 10 then add 5 then add 3 then subtract the number that you thought of is you answer 8?
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How do you pick a number any number and i will tell you what you end up with?

I like this one.... think of a number multiply by 2 add 12 subtract 4 divide by 2 subtract the number you thought of and the answer is 4 it always works its a mathematical certainty once you have the number 4 you can add subtract etc to your hearts content and make any new number provided you remember the answer yourself.

If you think of a number you subtract 173 you add 369 the answer is 536 what was your number?

the number was 340

What number do you need to subtract 100 to make 38?

think it 63

If you subtract 19 and divide by 5 the answer is 15 what is the number?

94 i think

What is decay rates?

it's the number you subtract it by a 100 then divide it by 100 i think

Does sold mean to add or subtract?

I think subtract.

When you subtract a negative number from another negative number do you get a positive or a negative number?

always a negative number. just think about going backwards on a number line.

What do you get when you subtract a negative integer from a positive integer?

You will get a positive integer. If you subtract a negative number, you will be adding it. I think of it like 2 minuses equals a plus. :P

When a piggy bank has 160 total coins valuing 10.50. Think about a system of equations that can be used to represent the number of nickels and dimes and then think through?

If n is the number of nickels and d the number of dimes, then the equations are:n + d = 160 (total number of coins) 5n + 10d = 1050 (total value). And I have thought through to the answer.

What does the math word range mean?

It means you get the highest and the lowest number then subtract the lowest from the biggest i think?

What is subtract 25 from a certain number and the remainder is 17?

n-25r=17 I think. I did this a while ago.

Can you subtract inches from centimeters?

You cannot subtract inches from centimeters ... i think

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