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30% of 40% = 12%. 20% of anything is a fifth so 12% x 5 = 60%

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Q: Thirty percent of forty percent is equal to twenty percent of what percent?
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Is thirty ninety percent of forty?

No, thirty is 75% of forty.

How do you write 30046022 in word form?

Thirty million, forty-six thousand, twenty-two

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What is forty percent of thirty?

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If you had not asked, I would have had no reason to writea number in word-form.But since you did, it's" Forty million twenty-three thousand thirty-two ".

What is 40023032 Word form?

forty million, twenty-three thousand, and thirty-two

What are the release dates for Twenty Thirty Forty - 2015?

Twenty Thirty Forty - 2015 was released on: UK: February 2015 USA: February 2015

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The word form of 40,023,032 is: Forty million, twenty-three thousand, thirty-two.

If forty is equal to one hundred percent then what does thirty six equal?

36/40That's the percentage answer.You didn't do it, did you?Fine. The percentage is 90%

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