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(lf)(Dw)2 (P.)(.000000371)=MCF

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Q: This is for CNG filling station you want to calculate line pack of filling hose can you calculate it by anyway can you compare it with quantity filled can pressure affect to calculate line pack?
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What is filling pressure in lpg cylinder?

Filling pressure in lpg cylinder is 14 kg/cm2 to 16kg/cm2 . maximum filling pressure is 16.95kg/cm2

What type of pressure is involved in the filling of a liquid in a syringe?

Atmospheric pressure.

What type of pressure is involved in filling a liquid into a syringe?

Atmospheric pressure.

What models can be used to compare the sizes of atoms in a molecule?


What part of your blood pressure is when hearts relaxed?

The diastolic blood pressure is when the heart is relaxed and filling.

Turgor pressure is caused by water filling what two things?

Turgor pressure is caused by water filling the plasma membrane and cell wall of plants, bacteria and some fungi. It pushes the plasma membrane against the cell wall to create the pressure.

How does both pressure and volume both increase in case of filling air in cycle tube?

Yes, it happens. Perhaps, you are confused by Boyle 's law that pressure and volume are inversely related to each other. But Boyle's law is true only when temperature and QUANTITY OF GAS are kept constant.As in this case, the air is filled in to the tube so Quantity of gas is increased so Boyle' law is not applicable.

Does ventricular pressure increase the fastest during ventricular filling?


How do you answer the question Do you dislike pressure on a job applicaton?

There is no set answer on whether or not you dislike pressure on a job. If filling out an application, be honest and say how you feel about pressure and you manage to deal with it.

Does over filling oil pressure cause head gasket to blown?


Why could a pressure cooker be able to be made into a bomb?

By filling it with explosives and a detonator.

Why do your blood pressure rise when you do dialysis?

The chambers in the heart are filling. Causing less volume of empty space. Making more pressure. Think of it like filling a balloon with air. The more air, the louder the pop because the air has to rush out.

How many MMBTU is equivalent to Normal cubic meters?

The "BTU" is a unit of energy. The "MMBTU" is a million of them ... still a quantity of energy. The "cubic meter" is a unit of volume. If the substance filling the volume is named ... and its pressure also specified in the case of a gas ... then it's possible to begin calculating the quantity of energy available when the substance is burned.

Can the diastolic pressure ever be higher than the systolic blood pressure?

No The systolic pressure is the highest pressure during the ejection of blood (pumping) from heart. The diastolic pressure is the blood pressure when the ventricles are filling up with blood before pumping the blood out.

How does the left atrium function?

It increases the input pressure to the left ventricle during filling.

If the Dentist says the tooth cracked because of grinding and not because of the filling he put in 2 weeks ago is this correct?

it is most likely the tooth had a small crack in it anyway. the tooth was alittle"high"from the new filling and the extra pressure from biting on it, cracked the tooth. usually after a new filling, you should go back to have the filling polished which strengthens the filling and adjusts the bite.

What is the difference between the diastole and systole pressure?

The higher number is your systolic pressure, which is the pressure when your heart is contracting and pumping blood out. The second, lower number is your diastolic pressure, which is the blood pressure when your heart is relaxing and filling up with blood, not pushing any blood out.

Which pressure is absent in plasmolysed cell?

Tugor pressure. Tugor pressure is caused by the cell's vacuole filling up with water and pressing against the outside of the cell. Isnt turgor pressure occurring in a turgid cell? =/

What if your tooth feels a pressure very mild long lasting sensitive to hot and cold no pain just pressure has a filling?

The filling may be failing, there may be additional decay, or you may require a root canal procedure to save the tooth. See your dentist right away.

What measurements are taken when determining a person's blood pressure?

Systolic and Diastolic pressure measurements are taken. Systolic is the higher pressure measurement, when the heart ventricles are contracted, and Diastolic is the lower pressure when the ventricles are filling. So if somebody's blood pressure is 120/80, then 120 is the systolic pressure and 80 is the diastolic pressure

What is Krypton-85 used for?

Krypton's main uses are for low pressure filling gas for fluoresent lights.

How filling of gas in a balloon is applicable Boyle's law?

Boyle's law states that 'at a constant temperature, pressure will change proportionatly with volume'. Therefore, if you are filling a balloon with gas, you will need to assert the same amount of pressure to create the same volume AS LONG AS you don't change the temp of the room...

Is diastolic pressure is always lower than the sytolic pressure in any persons?

yes. Diastolic pressure is measured while the heart is relaxing and filling. Systolic is measured while the heart is contracting and is always higher.

What is a iron filling?

Iron filling is a filling which can be made by iron filling

What is a liquid filling machine used for?

Liquid filling machines typically use pressure-overflow fillers, which have a very fast fill rate and can handle a wide range of viscosities. Any leftover product in the filling tubes gets pushed back into the tank, preventing overflow and spillage