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Q: This place has a twin 20 km away in hawkes bay?
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Which place has a twin 20km away in Hawke's Bay?


Hawkes bay and poverty bay areas are best known for?

Hawkes Bay and Poverty Bay areas are best known for?

What is the name of a bird in a place near Auckland that starts with the letter H?

Hawkes bay

A large bay from cape kidnappers to mahia peninsular?

This bay in New Zealand's North Island is called Hawkes Bay.

Who has a twin 20km away in hawks bay?

Hastings did you know hastings is also famous for the battle that took place there in 1066

The large bay from Cape Kidnappers?

Hawkes Bay

Was the 1931 hawkes bay earthquake the same as the napier earthquake?

yes the Hawkes bay earthquake is the some as the Napier earthquake

What is the name of a large bay in cape kidnappers?

Hawkes Bay

How far is it from Bay of Plenty to Hawkes Bay?

176 km

How Many People live in Hawkes Bay?


What are poverty bay and hawkes bay best known for?

no one knows what they are best known for

What does a topiary artist do with trees?

By LNC (Hastings Hawkes Bay)