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Q: Three times a number is 5 more than twice the same number. The algebraic equation 3x equals 5 plus 2x represents this situation. Use the equation to find the number.?
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What does 3k plus 16 equals 5k?

It represents an algebraic equation in the variable, k.

What type of equation is X equals Y over Z?


What the 1 equals 1?

Yes, one equals one. If you get that when solving an algebraic equation, the equation is true for all real numbers.

Why does or what is the significance of m equals slope in algebraic equations?

Without m in the algebraic equation the line would have no steepness.

What is the similar between a algebraic expression and algebraic equaton?

An expression simply contains no equals sign. This is an expression: 2x + 4y + 3 An equation contains an equals sign. This is an equation: 2x + 4y + 3 = 0

What is the algebraic equation for x equals 3 and y equals 3.5?

x=3 y=3.5

What is 3 plus y equals 12?

An algebraic equation; Y=9

Is 20 equals 15y in algebraic

Yes because you have a letter in there that represents a number.

Is 15x an algebraic equation?

No. An equation must be equal to something, that's why its called an equation. 15x = 60 is an equation, in which case x equals 4

Is 7 plus 4 equals 11 an algebraic equation?

No, it is an arithmetic equation. There are no variables involved, only numeric constants and, as a result, most people would not consider it algebraic.

Is x equals 1 a solution of the equation 2 - 8x?

No. That is because 2 - 8x is an algebraic expression, not an equation. And since it is not an equation, it does not have a solution.

What is 50 equals 6d plus 8?

That is an algebraic equation. If you are asking what the solution is for the above equation, it would be:d = 7