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Without m in the algebraic equation the line would have no steepness.

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Q: Why does or what is the significance of m equals slope in algebraic equations?
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Do y equals x and y equals x plus 2 intersect?

No, equations with the same slope do not intersect unless they are the same line.

What is the solution to this system of equations y equals -3x-2?


How can we tell if two lines are parallel perpendicular or neither just from their equations?

If the slope of the equations are the same then they are parallel If the slope of the equations are minus reciprocal then they are perpendicular If the slope of the equations are different then they are neither

What equations will have a graph with a slope of negative 3?

That will depend on what equations but in general if it has a slope of -3 then it will have a down hill slope

What is the slope of a line parallel to 4x plus 2y equals 5?

Y = -2x + 5 so the slope of this equation, along with the slopes of parallel equations, is -2

What slope is 7x plus 5y equals 35?

-7/5 For equations in Standard Form (Ax + By = C), slope equals -A/B. Or you could put the equation in Slope-Intercept form (y = mx + b) by solving for y and then finding the slope (m).

What equations represents a line parallel to the line given by y equals 5x plus 9?

The equations will have the same slope as y = 5x+9 but a different y intercept

What equations a line parallel to the line given by y equals 5x plus 9?

It will be any of the equations that has the same slope of y = 5x+9 but with a different y intercept

Are 4y-3x equals 1 and 2y equals 3 over 2x -14 perpendicular or parallel?

They are parallel because the slope has the same value in both equations.

What equations describes a line that is perpendicular to 2x plus 9y equals 9?

Any one of them that has a slope of 9/2 or 4.5

What is y equals 2x plus 1 and y equals 2x-3?

A pair of simultaneous equations in two unknowns which are inconsistent - in the sense that there is no solution that simultaneously satisfies both equations. Graphically, the equations are those of two parallel lines (slope = 2). Since, by definition, they cannot meet there is no solution to the system.

What equations are equal to 3x-4y equals 8?

Straight line equations:- And if: 3x-4y = 8 Then: y = 0.75x-2 whereas 0.75 or 3/4 is the slope and -2 is the y intercept