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1 mi / 45 MPH * 60 min/hr * 60 sec/min = 80 seconds.

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Q: Time to travel 1 mile at 45 miles per hour?
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How many miles can you travel in one hour at 55 mile per hour?

55 miles

How much time will you save on a 10 mile trip if you travel at 60 miles per hour rather than at 55 miles per hour?


How many miles can you travel in one hour at fifty five mile per hour?

55 miles

How long does it take to travel 1 mile by car?

At 1 mile an hour, one hour. At 60 miles per hour, one minute.

If I walk 8 minutes per mile how many miles per hour is this?

If you travel a mile in 8 minutes, you are traviling at 7.5 miles per hour

How much time would you save if you travel 60 miles then 55 miles per hour?

You would save about 6 seconds per mile travelled.

How long to go 1 mile at 12 mph?

At 60 miles per hour, you can travel 1 mile in one minute. Sixty miles per is the standard. At 12 miles per hour it takes 5 minutes to travel 1 mile. 60/12 = 5.

How fast to travel one mile in a car?

The answer may be several different numbers. It depends on the speed of the car. If driving at 60 miles per hour, then 1 minute to travel one mile. If driving at 150 miles per hour, then roughly 20 minutes to cover one mile, including the stop for moving violation. If digital speedometer reads ' 0 ' miles per hour, then one mile requires a very very long time.

If you needed to travel 1 mile in 30 minutes how fast would you go?

The minimum speed you need to go to travel 1 mile in 30 minutes is .5 miles per hour, or 44 feet per second. actually to travel one mile in 60 minutes (one mile per hour),you walk...well,one mile per hour.Therefore to walk the same distance in half the time,you have to double the speed,in this case,2 miles per hour.

What would be the time of length of 50 miles per hour?

If I interpret the question correctly, the time of length would be 0.02 hours per mile. At 50 mph you will travel 50 miles and it will take you 1 hour.

How far could you travel at a speed of 12 miles per hour about how many miles could you travel in 1 minute?

At 12 miles per hour, it would take you 5 minutes to go 1 mile 60/12=5. In 1 minute you could travel 1/5 of a mile at 12 miles per hour.

How long does it take to travel a nautical mile by boat?

A knot is 1 nautical mile per hour and 1.151 land miles per hour