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132+140+145+128 = 545

545/4 = 136.25

Answer: 136.25

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Q: Tom bill Susan's and sandy went bowling tom score was 132 bills score was 140 Susan's scored 145 and sandy score was 128 what was the average score of all four bowlers?
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Tombill susan and sandy went bowling tom score was 132 bill score was 140 susans scored 145 and sandy score was 128 what was the average score of all four bowlers?


Huck's bowling average over 5 games was 100 He scored 118 on the next game What was his new average?


Will's bowling average after 5 games was 120 In the next 3 games he scored 118.124142 What was Will's bowling average after 8 games?

The question is invalid as you can't bowl a 118.124142 average for 3 games or 118.124142 for a 3 game series average.

What is the lowest scored game in bowling ever?

The lowest score possible in bowling is zero.

If tom Bill Annie and Sandy went bowling tom score was 132 Bill score was 140 and Annie scored 145 and Sandy score was 128 what was the average score of all four bowlers?

136.25 The above answer is the Mean, there are other averages such as the range, median and mode if anyone can be bothered to work them out below:

Which sport or game is connected with frame?

Bowling is scored in frames.

How many people have scored 300 consecutively in bowling?


In scoring with bowling what is it when a split becomes a spare?

It is still scored as a spare.

What is 300 P S in a B?

300 points scored in bowling?

What is amateur bowling record for the highest triplicate scored in league competition?


What is the scoring rule for a spare in bowling?

Number of pins scored on the subsequent ball + ten.

Tom bill susan and sandy went bowling.Tom's score was 132 bill's score was 140 susan's scored 145 and sandy's score was 128. What was the average score of all four bowlers?

To get the average, add the scores, then divide by 4 (since in this case there are 4 players).

Michael Jordan scored how many points on average?


How many goals are scored in an average hockey game?

In the 08/09 season an average of 4.34 goals were scored each game

What is the maximum score you could get in one frame of bowling?

30 pins is the maximum that can be scored in one frame of bowling. In the first 9 frames, this requires a strike followed by two more strikes.

What is the average grade is 25 percent scored 81.5 and 25 percent scored 55 and 50 percent scored 64?


How many frames are in a game of bowling?

In bowling there are 10 frames. If a strike is scored in the 10th frame, the bowler gets two "fill shots" (bonus shots sometimes incorrectly referred to as the 11th and 12th frames). If a spare is scored in the 10th frame, the bowler gets one fill shot.

What is the origin of the bowling term turkey?

According to, the term originated in the late 1800's when scoring three strikes in a row was much more difficult than it is now. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, bowling alley proprietors would award a turkey for bowlers who scored three strikes in a row. In the old days of bowling, scores were lower and strikes did not happen as often as they do now. In the old days, during the holidays, the proprietor of a bowling center would present a live turkey to the first person on a team to bowl three consecutive strikes. you get a turkey (real) after 3 strikes in a row.. I could use one right now.. I'm hungry

How does a spare work in bowling?

A "spare" in bowling is when it takes two rolls in one frame to knock down all ten pins. A frame with a spare is scored by adding ten with the pins knocked down by the next ball.

How many touchdowns are scored in an average NFL game?


How many netball goals are scored in an average game?


Which famous cricketer scored 0 in his last match and has a Test batting average of 99.94?

Don Bradman,he could have had the average of hundred if he would have scored 4 more runs.

Average score for NHL teams?

This season the Average goals scored per game is 6

What is the average score when in a math test two students scored 96 five students scored 81 four students scored 74 and one student scored 55?

The arithmetic mean is 79.

What is the average number of soccer goals scored in a soccer season?


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