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Note that the question does not say how the 5 squares are arranged. Let me specify one scenario:





Take the two toothpicks from the upper left corner (the upper-right and the corner right below it will do too) and put them inside one of the remaining squares like a cross +. I can count 7 squares or 8 squares, depending on whether I count the square that contains the + or not. If your question can be more specific about the count of toothpicks, perhaps we can have a better solution.


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Q: Toothpicks with five squares move only two to make seven squares?
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How do you make seven squares from twelve toothpicks?

make three squares and overlap them so that two of them meet in the center of the third square, making four smaller squares in the center

How do you make 5 squares out of twelve toothpicks?

# Make a plus sign with 4 toothpicks. # Make a large square around the plus sign with the remaining toothpicks (2 toothpicks per side) You now have 4 small squares inside 1 large square... total of 5 squares.

How do you make 3 squares with 12 toothpicks?

A square has 4 sides therefore 3 squares from 12 toothpicks will simply be three unconnected squares

How do you make 6 squares with 12 toothpicks?

You make 3-D! Look... 6 squares in one cube and you can do that with toothpicks too!

How do you make 8 squares with 12 toothpicks?

[The answer will depend on how exactly you count your squares (for instance, there are arguably 10 squares in the solution below, not 8) and whether there are any rules about how to lay the toothpicks down.] A possibility is just to make two big squares using four toothpicks each, and to divide each into four smaller squares using the four remaining toothpicks.

How do you get 7 squares with 12 toothpicks?

7 squares is forty nine so you remove two toothpicks to make the digits 49

How do you make 2 squares and 4 triangles using 8 toothpicks?

Make a two by two grid with six toothpicks, and then place the other two toothpicks at a 45 degree angle on the corner of two of the squares.

How do you move 3 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you Move 4 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you make 2 squares with 12 toothpicks?

Put two toothpicks per side on one square. On the other square use one toothpick per side. You will get two squares out of twelve toothpicks.

Make an x on each of 4 toothpicks so you can remove 7 squares all the same size would be left?


How do you make 6 squares out of 12 toothpicks?

Overlap them in a grid.

How do you make 2 squares and 4 triangles from 8 toothpicks?

make a circle

How do you make six squares with 12 toothpicks?

bend 2 toothpicks at 90 degree angles and put them cornor to cornor

If you use Toothpicks to make four squares move only two so that two squares remain and a toothpick must be a part of a square?

Old one. Make a square out of four squares, then remove two adjacent inside toothpicks. This leaves a large square with a small square inside.

How do you move three lines from four squares to make three squares of equal size?

Is this question supposed to have 12 toothpicks to make 4 squares and then move 3 toothpicks to make 3 equal sized squares? Answer depends on the restrictions. Just move 3 sticks from any square to form a straight vertical or horizontal line up of squares is one option if there is no restrictions other than the three resulting squares are equal sizes.

How do you move 2 toothpicks to make 2 squares from 4?

You arrange 12 toothpicks into a large square, subdivided into four squares : 2 toothpicks on each side and four more, one each from the middle of the sides to the center of the large square. Now you have four (small) squares. Take away 2 adjacent toothpicks from the ones in the center, and you have 2 squares : one remaining small one and the large one that has the small one inside it. (see related link)

How do you make 2 squares using 10 toothpicks?

Start with a 2x2 square (that uses 8 toothpicks) Use the other two to make a 1x1 square in one of the corners of the big one..

How do you make 4 squares with 12 toothpicks?

Kind of hard to draw on here, but first you make a plus sign using 4 toothpicks, then you make a box using the remaining 8 around the plus sign: ___ ___ | | | ___ ___ | | | ___ ___

How do you make two squares with seven tooth picks?

Make one square out of four toothpicks and then make another square using one of the sides of the first square and the remaining three toothpicks. It is easy. Make a square out of four toothpicks. Put three toothpicks around one of the bottom corners of your first square to form a second square. IGNORE THE LINES LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! 1__2 3__4__7 ___5__6

How do you remove 2 toothpicks to make 5 boxes into 4?

assuming by boxes you mean squares in two dimensions its easy. Make the five boxes all next to each other so they share sides then remove two toothpicks here the top and bottom of a middle box and you are left with 4.

How do you make 3 squares with 8 toothpicks?

2 on the top and 2 on both sides and 2 on the bottom

How do you make 6 squares using 12 toothpicks?

You can arrange them to make a cube.12 edges, 6 faces.

How do you make five triangles with ten toothpicks?

You can make 5 triangles out of 9 toothpicks. With 6 toothpicks, make a large triangle with 2 toothpicks for each side. Now, take individual toothpicks, and make a smaller triangle inside the larger one by joining the midpoints of the sides of the previous triangle. (The vertices of the smaller triangle are the midpoints of the sides of the larger one).

How do you make a square out of 3 toothpicks?

break the toothpicks and you've doubled your amount of toothpicks

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