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Q: Top speed of f1 car
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What is the top speed of a Formula 1?

depends completely on the cars aerodynamic setup, gear ratios, ect. The highest recorded speed however of an F1 car was by the 2005 Honda F1 car which reached a flash reading of 400km/h at Bonneville however because it could not reach it on the way back its official speed record 397km/h. The quickest F1 car speed of the 2011 season was 350km/h by Sergio Perez at Monza though on average the top speed of an F1 car at an average circuit would be around 315km/h

Mclaren F1 car top speed?

Mclaren F1 is the fastest cars on tracks like in real NASCAR racing but the fastest cars on land is the bugattii

What is the world 's farstest car?

As far as production cars go the McClaren F1 has the highest top speed.

What is the top speed of a 2010 formula 1 car?

The top speeds reached during the F1 2010 season were in the range of 320 kmph

What is the fastest car being sold?

bugatti veyron and before anyone says meclaren f1 note veyron top speed 253MPH meclaren top speed 231MPH

How fast is a formula 1 racing car at top speed?

Honda F1 car set a land speed record 2way average at Bonneville at 397km/h or aprox. 247mph. It did top out at 413km/h oneway.

How fast is the Ferrari F1?

top speed is 225 mph

What is the fastest speed a f1 car travel at?

229 mph

What is the top speed of a f1 car?

IT is more than 300km/hr! it could be as high as 360 -380 kph depending on there gearing

What is the fastest race car in the world?

Formula 1. um ... to whoever wrote this answer formula 1 is a car race. the quetion is about a race car! sheesh! It depends on which style of racing you would be reffering to. Top-fuel drag cars, for example, have a much higher top speed and acceleration than F1, but lack the ability to steer at those speeds. Also, I believe Indy cars (very similar to F1) also have a higher top speed than F1.

Can a buggati veyron beat a F1 car?

In a straight line at full speed, yes. On a track, no. F1 cars are sharper in turns and accelerate quicker. However, the top speed is electronically limited (championship rules) so the Veyron is faster.

What is the fastest speed ever recorded for an F1 car?

374 mph

What is the speed of an F1?

A Formula 1 car reaches approx 210mph during a race. This top speed is limited by the large amount of downforce (2 tons) applied. I have seen footage of a car doing 265mph.

What is the speed of F1?

A Formula 1 car reaches approx 210mph during a race. This top speed is limited by the large amount of downforce (2 tons) applied. I have seen footage of a car doing 265mph.

What is McLaren F1?

The mclaren f1 was the fastest production car in the world until the bugatti veyron, capable of a top speed of 240mph. Mclaren also made a race version called the F1 LM which won the le mans 24hour race.

What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a F1 car?

I think a F1 car has reached 248 miles per hour before, i think its Mercedes! I am not sure.

What is the fastest production car in 2000?

It was the McLaren F1 with a top speed of 231 mph (386 km/h). It held the record from 1998 to February 2005 when Koeningsegg CCR broke the record with a top speed of 241 mph

What is the top speed of a F1 racecar?

Modern f1 Cars are limited to just over 200mph. The maxium speed achieved was 257 mph but wasn't confirmed by FIA in 2005.

How fast does a formula one car goes?

Formula one cars are extremely fast machines. The top speed of a f1 car in the 2010 season is in excess of 325 kmph. The average speed of a f1 car during a race duration is 200 kmph and they cover a distance of nearly 300+ kms in less than 2 hours during a race duration.

Who makes this car What is the top speed?

The car in the picture is a Bugatti Veryron. Top speed = 254.04 mph

What is faster an A1 GP car or a formula 1 car?

The A1 GP uses technology based on F1 cars. Rules state that A1 GP cars must weigh 700kg dry and usually make 540bhp or 600bhp for short periods of time. F1 cars weigh 605kg wet and make up to 780bhp. A Honda F1 car with it's aerodynamic effects adjusted for top speed, managed to hit 415km/h(258mph) in the Mojave desert. Based on known statistics, the F1 car will accelerate fast, brake faster and turn faster and in all likelihood have a higher top speed

What is Ferrari formula 1 top speed?

Varies by what engine era. V10, V8 or the new V6 turbo. Like wit any other F1 car, it is down to set up and tyres. Typical top speed of the V6 engine is about 210 based on the circuits in F1 calendar. The maxium top speed is 249 mph with FIA regulations of the year it was done or 257mph based upon set up for pure speed and minimum downforce.

Which is better an F1 Mclaren or a Ferrari?

Some Ferrari models, like the F40, F50 and more recently, the F60, have similar performance to a McLaren F1 around a circuit - but most cars in the world today, can match the F1's top speed of 275 km/hr a Ferrari has a top speed of 345mph and is better than a Mclaren F1.

How fast is a F1 McLaren?

The McLaren F1 set two top speed records. * 231 MPH in 1993. * Then it broke its own record with 240.1 MPH. * It also set a record for maintaining the top speed record for 14 years.

What was the top speed of the car that Karl Benz first?

The top speed was 7mph