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yes the answer is always a positive

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2008-11-21 01:08:15
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Counter example: -2 + -2 = -4

However, the sum of two negative integers is always NEGATIVE.

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Q: True or false the sum of two negative integers is always positive?
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Is the product of two negative integers always negative?

That is false. The product of two negative integers is always positive.

Integers can be positive or negative true or false?

False - if the sentence is meant to be exhaustive. Integers can be positive or negative OR ZERO.

Sum of a positive integer and a negative integer always positive true or false?


When comparing two integers the integer with the greater absolute value is always the greater integer?

No.A positive integer is always larger than a negative integer. In the case of two negative integers, the integer with the larger absolute value is actually smaller.

To multiply a negative number and a negative number you should multiply their absolute values and make the product negative true or false?

That is false. A negative times a negative is always a positive. Since absolute numbers are always positive if you make it negative that is not correct.

All whole numbers are integers?

all number can be negative or positive. :) The term "whole numbers" is ambiguous; sometimes it is used for integers, sometimes only for non-negative integers. It is better to use the more precise terms "integers", "positive integers", "non-negative integers", depending on what you want to say. it is also false if your looking for this answer caue it could be like 0.3,0.5 there not whole numbers

Is -n always names a negative number true?

Is false. If ' n ' is negative, then ' -n ' is positive.

Is the absolute value of a positive number is always a negative number is it true?

No. You have it backwards . . . . . the absolute value of a negative number is always a positive number.

How do you beat a false positive?

you can have a false negative but NOT a false positive

True or false if x is positive and y equals -x then xy is negative?

Yes, multiplying a Positive value by a Negative value always yields a Negative product.

Are the sum of two integers always positive What is an example to making it false?

Of course not.(-3) + (-5) = -8(3) + (-5) = -2The examples don't 'make it' false. They just demonstratethat it was always false.

Is it true or false that product of twenty-one negative integers is negative?

It is true.

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