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Q: Sum of a positive integer and a negative integer always positive true or false?
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When comparing two integers the integer with the greater absolute value is always the greater integer?

No.A positive integer is always larger than a negative integer. In the case of two negative integers, the integer with the larger absolute value is actually smaller.

True or False when you subtract a negative integer from another negative integer the result is always negative Explain.?

False. Counterexample: -1 - (-2) = -1 + 2 = 1.

The difference of a positive integer and a positive integer is sometimes negative True or False?

True, an example of this is 1 - 2 = -1 1 - -------2 is = to -15000 fact

Is -n always names a negative number true?

Is false. If ' n ' is negative, then ' -n ' is positive.

True or False When you subtract a positive integer from another positive integer the result is always negative Explain?

That would be false. When you subtract two positive numbers, you only go into negatives if the number you are subtracting is greater than the number it's being subtracted from. 3 - 2 = 1 2 - 3 = -1

Is 0 an integer true or false?

An integer is a whole number (not a fractional number) that can be positive, negative or zero - so true

Is the product of two negative integers always negative?

That is false. The product of two negative integers is always positive.

To multiply a negative number and a negative number you should multiply their absolute values and make the product negative true or false?

That is false. A negative times a negative is always a positive. Since absolute numbers are always positive if you make it negative that is not correct.

True or false The absolute value of every integer is positive?

true because if it is an absolute integer it cant be negative and 0 is nor a negative number or positive. so it would always be positive. Example- l-7l its absolute value would be 7, or l4l its absolute value would be 4.

True or false the sum of two negative integers is always positive?

yes the answer is always a positive

Is the absolute value of a positive number is always a negative number is it true?

No. You have it backwards . . . . . the absolute value of a negative number is always a positive number.

Largest negative integer-1?

Largest negative integer-1 true or false