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0.84m and 79 degrees

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Q: Two beetles run across flat sand starting at the same point Beetle 1 runs 0.5m due east then 0.80m at 30 degrees north of due east Beetle 2 also makes two runs the first is 1.6m at 40 degrees east?
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Are Green June bug beetles blind?

No, there is no evidence that suggests that the Green June Beetle, or Cotinis nitida, are blind.

What is Large green flying insect with leaf-like sides?

Sounds like a Japanese beetle. Fun to hit out of the air with a tennis racket!The beetle grubs spend a long time underground eating your grass roots, so they are a pest insect.It might also be a large water beetle, which are not harmful but will bite!Hope this helps!

What country are dung beetles from?

Dung beetles can be found all across the globe, apart from Antarctica where they couldn't live due to an aversion to cold or dry weather. They even had a kind of sacred position in egypt as the scarab is a kind of dung beetle.

What were scarab beetles used four?

Worship mostly by the ancient Egyptians, they believed they were a symbol of Khepri, the early morning manifestation of the sun god Ra, from an analogy between the beetle's behaviour of rolling a ball of dung across the ground and Khepri's task of rolling the sun across the sky

Small spider like bug black with white stripes?

This is a Larder Beetle or Dermestes Ladarius L. The larder beetle is a commercial pest as well as a household pest. This is a cosmopolitan species which was historically a pest of cured meats.

Where do hide beetles live?

Well beetles can live pretty much every were across the world but mostly in hot places in logs or in tree bark

What do scarab beetles live on?

The scarab beetle is a species of the dung beetle. The scarab beetle can be found in the Sahara Desert. However, dung beetles are native to other deserts like the Sonoran Desert in the United States and many other deserts in different continents except Antarctica.

Does a beetle have radial symmetry?

No. Beetles, like all insects, have bilateral symmetry. Bilateral symmetry means something has symmetry across one plane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre of their body), which means one side of their body approximately mirrors the other side.

Can you put a 71 super beetle transmission in a 1973 beetle?

Yes. An IRS Type 1 transmission is the same across the Type 1 line.

When were cane toads introduced to Australia and why?

Ironically they were introduced to destroy a cane-beetle plague. But the beetles are living in cane, where the toads cannot reach them. Also, cane beetles are too small to serve as food, so the toads left the canefields and entered forrests and swamps where they eat anything they can swallow. So recently, they are a pest themselves.

What is the name for the beetle's hardened forewings?

Beetle's hardened forewings are elytra; a single one is elytrum However, elytron is an alternative spelling and therefore essential to satisfy PEPIN at 18 across.

What country spreads across Asia from 80 degrees East to 130 degrees East?

what country spreads across asia from 80 degrees east to 130 degrees east