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Q: Two polarizing filters overlapped at right angles create what?
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Do Bisectors create right angles?

no bisectors create 2 equal angles, altitudes create right angles

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Does a kite's diagonals create right angles?


How many and what type of angles do two perpendicular lines create?

None because they will be parallel to each other but if they intersect each other they will create 4 right angles

Can 2 perpendicular lines create four right angles?

Yes. Two perpedicular lines create four right angles in a cross or addition sign +. those two lines are perpendicular, and four right angles are created.

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Does The diagonal of a parallelogram create alternate interior angles?


If a transversal intersects two parallel lines then?

It will create two equal corresponding angles and two equal alternate angles.

How many angles are formed when two lines intersect don't count straight angles?

If you draw two lines intersecting, you'll see that they create 4 angles.

How many angles does a transversal create?

Four for each line that it crosses.

Do two perpendicular lines create four right angles?