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must be 10 because scalene means can't be same as any other side, so can't be 5 or 7. Check: is 10 less than 5 + 7? It needs to be or you can't make a triangle. And it is, so your scalene triangle has sides of 5, 7, and 10.

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Q: Two sides of a scalene trangle measure 5cm and 7cm Which of these measurements could the third side be 5cm 7cm or 10cm?
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Could this trangle be a right triangle?

Only if it has a right angle and 2 acute angles

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What object looks like a scalene triangle?

If a sail is pulled back, it could look like a scalene triangle.

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Is an scalene triangle an obtuse or an right triangle?

A scalene has three sides of unequal lengths, and all threes angles different.The largest angle defines the triangle¹:acute: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 9, 10right angle: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 8, 10obtuse: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 7, 10So a scalene triangle could be any of acute, right angle or obtuse.¹In terms of acute, right angle or obtuse. Triangles can also be defined in terms of their sides: equilateral (all three sides equal), isosceles (two sides equals) or scalene (no sides equal)

Is it true that No scalene triangles are similar?

Oh, no, that isn't true. We could have a scalene triangle with sides of, say, 2 cm, 3 cm, and 4 cm. Then we could have another scalene triangle with sides of 4 cm, 6 cm, and 8 cm. These two triangles would be similar because they have a ratio of 1:2, despite the fact that they are scalene. The term 'scalene' has nothing to do with similarity; it just means that a triangle has no equal sides.

What is a scalen triangle?

a triangle that has a right angle and the other two angles are diffrent ex: angles= #1. 90 degrees/#2. 35 degrees/#3. 55 degrees

A scalene triangle with whole number side lengths and a perimeter of 15 inches.?

The dimensions of the scalene triangle could be 7 by 5 by 3 inches

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