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Q: Unstated Interest on ten year note at 4.7 percent?
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The basic formula for computing interest on an interest-bearing note is face value of note x annual interest rate x time in terms of one year equals Interest?

(Face Value of Note) x (Annual Interest Rate) x (Time in Terms of One Year) = Interest

What is the interest on a 10000 for 2 year at 11 percent note?

Total = 10000(1+i)n Total = 10000(1.2321)2 Total = 12321 Change = interest gained = 12321 - 10000 = 2321

What is the interest on a five year loan of 13950 at a 5.8 percent rate of interest?


Interest on 5000000.00 at 3 percent?

150,000 per year (simple interest, no compounding)

Benjamin has 6000 invested in two accounts One earns 8 percent interest per year and the other pays 7.5 percent interest per year If his total interest for the year is 472.50 how much is invested at 8?


1. The interest on a 50000 note at 9 for 4 months is?

6000 is the interest for 4 months on a 50000 note. 1500 is the interest for 1 month at a rate of 9 per year which gives 18000 per year.

How much interest would you receive for 2000 at 1 percent interest rate for 1 year?

1 percent of 2,000 is 20 .

What is percent of 4'50.000.00 to pay in 25 year with interest 2 percent?

That's not a number.

5 percent interest compounded annually means percent paid every?


What is 7.4 percent compound interest on 500.00?

The interest for 1 year is 37.00, whether it is simple or compound interest.

What is the interest on P5000 for 1 year at 6 percent?


What is the interest on 4000 at 3.5 percent annual interest for 1 year 6 months?