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1 percent of 2,000 is 20 .

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Q: How much interest would you receive for 2000 at 1 percent interest rate for 1 year?
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How much would 2000 become in 10 years at 5 percent interest?

If it is not compounded the interest would be 2000x10x.05=1000 If it is compounded then it is different.

What is 5 percent interest of 40000 dollars?


How much interest would you gain from 2000 dollars at 6 percent for five years?

Assuming simple interest, just multiply 2000 dollars x (6/100) x 5. For compound interest, the formula is a bit more complicated. You would get some more interest in the case of compound interest.

How long would it take to double 2000 at 6 percent interest rate compounded annually?

12 years I think

Which loan would cost the borrower less money 2000 at 8 for 3 years or 2000 at 9.5 percent for 2 years How much interest would the borrower save by taking the cheaper loan?

8 percent of 2000 is 160 x 3 = 480 9.5 percent of 2000 is 190 x 2 = 380 100 hundred dollars cheaper.

What is the amount of the simple interest on a 2000 loan at 6 percent interest for 2 years?

It is 240 currency units.

Lateisha would like to know how much money she will earn if the interest is compounded monthly for a period of two months on a savings account that pays 6 percent interest on 2000?


How much does 2000 earn in 6months at an annual interest rate of 4 percent?


Would you rather receive a 1000 today or 2000 in 10 years with a discount rate of 8 percent?

1000 today since I am not sure I will be alive in 10 years to collect the 2000.

What is 60 percent of 2000 dollars?

60 percent of 2000 dollars would be 1200 dollars. 2000*.60= 1200

How much interest will 2000 earn at 5 percent over four years compounded yearly?

How much interest will 2000 earn at 6 percent over four years compounded yearly?

Find the simple interest earned after 5 years on an investment of 2000 at 3.2 percent?


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