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Q: Use geometry words to describe a way to separate triangles into others triangles?
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Which of these triangles appears to be congruentto any others shown here?

which pairs of triangles appear to be congruent

Is a triangle a symmetric shape yes or no?

Some triangles are symmetric, while others are not. All equilateral and isosceles triangles are symmetric.all triangles are symmetric.

Is a triangle symmetric?

'Isocoles' and 'Equalateral' triangles are, scalene, right angled, and obtuse triangles are not.

Can a triangle have perpendicular lines?

Right triangles do. Others don't.

How many angles are in four triangles?

1 triangle = 3 angles so 4 triangles = 4 x 3 = 12 angles unless some triangles are within others

Does a triangle have a perpendicular line?

Yes it does * * * * * No, it does not

What is the measure of a triangles 3rd angle if the others are total of 123?


In the nineteenth century Euclidean geometry was disproved by spherical geometry which was in turn disproved by hyperbolic geometry.g?

No. Spherical geometry did not disprove Euclidean geometry but demonstrated that more than one geometries were possible. Different circumstances required different geometries. Similarly hyperbolic geometry did not disprove either of the others.

What is table algebra?

Table algebra is the branch of mathematics like geometry and others.

Does a triangle have 2 perpendicular lines?

Not necessarily. Right triangles do. Others don't.

Is triangle a symmetric figure?

It can be but it doesn't have to be. Some triangles are symmetrical and others aren't.

What 3D figure has eight triangles?

An octagonal pyramid has eight triangles on an octagonal base. An octahedron can also be made by putting a square pyramid on another inverted square pyramid. This shape has just eight triangles and no others.