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ultra sounds are used for seeing a baby in an ultra sound

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Q: Use of ultra and infra sonic sounds in daily life?
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How Ultra Sonic and Infra Sonic Produced?

they change colors

What are sound waves classified as?

Infra sonic, ultra sonic and sonic waves of sound Infra sonic has frequecy less than 20 Hz Ultra sonic has frequency more than 20,000 Hz Sonic waves having frequency range 20 - 20000 Hz

Why cant you hear ultra sonic sound?

we can not hear ultra sonic sounds because u can not hear them

What is the opposite of infra?


Can ultra sonic waves hurt you?

Ultra sonic waves are a sound frequency that is oftentimes silent to humans. Research shows there is no long term negative affects due to exposure to these sounds.

Does Sonic x have ultra Sonic?

Assuming you mean a super form called Ultra Sonic, No

What are infra sonics and ultra sonics?

they changes colors

What is in between infra-red and ultra-violet?

visible light

Do cats hear ultra sonic sounds?

Yes, cats can hear ultrasonic sounds. Cats can hear sounds in the range of 10 to 60 KHz. A human can hear sounds in the range of 18 to 20 KHz.

Who are Solar Sonic and Ultra Sonic?

Correction, Yes there are such beings as Solar Sonic and Ultra Sonic, however, they does not make an Apperance in any of the games, Solar and Ultra Sonic only appeared in the Comics, Ultra Sonic was the Base form Sonic would Assume when he collected a certain Number of Rings (1000 i believe) and he could change his form based on the climate of the Area he is in, Solar Sonic assumes control when Ultra Sonic is in a hot, Arid area, such as a Desert, there is also Eco Sonic for forests and Polar Sonic for Ice caps

What creature can see infra red and ultra violet light?


What are the 3 types of sounds?

The Infra sound (way below our hearing capacities) The normal sound (within our hearing capacity) The Ultra Sound (way above our hearing capacities)

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