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Are you looking for scientific notation, or are you looking for standard form ???

In scientific notation: [ 5 x 103 ]

In standard form: [ 5,000 ]

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Q: Using scientific notation what is 5 times 10 to the third powwer in standard form?
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What is the total population on earth in scientific notation and in standard form?

Using the figure 7.2 billion for the world's population (as of 3/16/14): Scientific notation: 7.2 × 109 Standard notation: 7,200,000,000

Writing numbers in standard form with decimals and powers?

It is using the scientific notation.

Express 0.000 000 050 using scientific notation?

0.000 000 050 in scientific notation or standard form is: 5.0 x 10-8

What is the standard notation of twenty million five hundred ten thousand using exponets?

The exponential or scientific notation is 2.051 × 107

Write the number 376000000000 in the scientific notation format as well as the regular format In addition explain any other advantages of using scientific notation?

376000000000 in scientific notation is 3.76 × 1011Standard notation is 376,000,000,000Scientific notation (also called standard form or exponential notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.

What is 200000 using scientific notation?

200,000 in Scientific Notation = 2 x 105

Who is the man that using scientific notation?

Anyone can use scientific notation - including women!

How do you Write 30002000000 using scientific notation?

It is 3.0002*10^10 in scientific notation

What is expressing numbers using scientific notation useful?

It is a statement about the utility of scientific notation.

What is the point of using scientific notation?

The point of using scientific notation is to compute very large or very small numbers.

0.0000072 using scientific notation?

0.0000072 in Scientific Notation = 7.2 x 10-6

How do you abbreviate 375000 using the scientific notation?

375,000 in Scientific Notation = 3.75 x 105

How do you write 4000 using scientific notation?

4000 in scientific notation is 4 x 103

What is the purpose for using scientific notation in scientific?

Using scientific notation reduces the need to write out very large or very small numbers as the following examples show:- 1,000,000,000,000 = 1.0*1012 in scientific notation 0.0000000001 = 1.0*10-10 in scientific notation

How do you convert non-standard to standard form?

By using scientific notation which reduces the digits required in very large numbers but retains their original values.

A method of writing very large or very small numbers by using the powers of 10?

It is scientific notation or standard form

A method of writing very large or very small numbers by using powers of ten?

scientific notation or standard form

Which number is written using standard scientific notation?

3.47 x 10 -74.1 x 10 to the second power

What is a method of writing very large or very small numbers by using power of 10s?

Scientific notation or standard form

What is 4.018 104 using standard notation?

4.018 × 104 written in standard notation is 40,180

How do you do exponets using scientific notation'?

Exponents play a big part in scientific notation because when you write in scientific notation, the first factor must be n between 1 and 10 and the second factor must be the number ten and an exponent. For example, a number in standard form would be 47,000, but in scientific notation, it would be 4.7 x 10 to the 4 power. Another example would be: Standard Form:0.0089 Scientific Notation: 8.9 x 10 to the -3 power.

What is the measurement of m using scientific notation?

0,000,004.3 in Scientific Notation = 4.3E-06 x 106

What is the advantage of using scientific notation over decimal notation?

1. ease in writing extreme numbers (very large or very small). 2. standard around the globe.

What is 12.300.000 using scientific notation?

1.23 × 107

83260000 using scientific notation?