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import java.util.Vector; suppose-:::: test t=new test(); /**this is how we add elements to vector*/ Vector v=new Vector(); v.addElements(t);

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Q: Using vector to add objects and display their member variables?
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What does vector's member size() do?

The vector size() member returns the current size of the vector, in elements.

How do you call 2 or more objects in c plus plus?

It's not clear what you mean by "call 2 or more objects". Object's aren't "called", they are instantiated. Once instantiated you may "call" (invoke) the member methods associated with those objects, or invoke functions that operate upon those objects. To invoke the same member method on 2 or more objects, simply place those objects in a vector (by reference), then iterate over the vector: void f (std::vector<my_object*> objects) { for (auto foo : objects) foo->bar(); // invoke the bar method for each foo object in objects }

The measure of an objects speed and direction is the objects?

It is known as the vector.

How do you display the elements in a vector to the user?

Generally vectors are displayed in parenthesis with the vector components separated by a comma. If there are vectors within another vector then brackets are used for the internal vector.

Is Photoshop a bitmap or a vector program?

It is bitmap based program but you can work and with vector objects inside Photoshop. To export vector objects from Photoshop you can through Save or Save As > Photoshop PDF. Also vector outlines can be exported for Illustrator from File > Export

What is a objects speed and direction?

velocity, or velocity vector.

Is Asmospheric pressure a scalar or vector?

The answer is simple, define both a scalar: 1 variable, and a vector: 2 variables. Pressure is a force of space over time, therefore Asmospheric pressure is a vector since it applies both space and time using 2 variables.

Can vector store string values in java programming?

A Vector can store any objects, so yes.

How are GIF images stored?

As raster images, so if you have vector objects and choose to save as gif, you will not be able to change vector objects next time you open image.

Speed and direction of an objects motion?

the object's velocity vector

What describes an objects direction and speed?

It's velocity (vector)

What is the product of an objects mass and velocity called?

That is called momentum. Since velocity is a vector, momentum is also a vector.

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