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Q: Violent traffic disputes are usually the result of a single accident true or false?
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Just east of Cranbrook BC on highway 3 there are a large number of crosses in one small area near the road What is the significance?

Each one of the crosses represents one person that has died there, usually from a traffic accident. In the county east of where I live, a white cross is painted in the middle of the traffic lane nearest the fatality. My county uses the wooden white crosses as well.

What is the number of days or months a person has to make a claim from the day of the accident?

Usually 30 days.

What is the acceptable average Accident frequency rate?

It depends to the acceptable risk level in your company. Usually AFR=10 is acceptable in most companies.

Does vehicle failure cause over 50 percent t of all traffic accidents?

No percentage would be miniscule it's usually driver error,.

What is the different between accident and incident?

When classifying a plane "crash", the FAA refers to it as either an Accident or an Incident.An Accident is when there is major damage to an airplane and/or injury or death.An Incident only involves minor damage to the airplane or a few minor injuries.Recommend the FAA or the NTSB website.ANSWER 2any accident that is caused intentionally in any way by someone is not an "accident" - an incident is any thing that happens that is not an accident as definied in the above answer - thus an intentionally caused incident, even if it is fatal or has major damage, is not an accident but an incident - hopefully that's not too confusing!Another thoughtI was always under the impression that it was simply a matter of cost. If the repairs exceeded a specific dollar amount, or man hours required for repair, then it was categorized as an accident. However, it certainly makes sense that other factors, such as injury and/or death, would be considered.

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How do police clear traffic after an accident?

After an accident, the police will usually set up physical barriers to clear the traffic. Frequently, they will set up these barriers at some distance so that the other traffic can detour around the site of the accident. The police may also physically direct traffic with hand signals.

Who pays the deductible if it's not an accident?

If the occurrence is not a traffic accident then it will most likely be a comprehensive claim and therefore if you have comprehensive coverage then you will pay your comprehensive deductible. The comp deductible is usually the lower of the two deductibles.

Why would someone leave all these traffic cones in the middle of the street?

Usually when traffic cones are in the street it's meant to indicate that you're not supposed to drive in the area with the cones. There are some cases where cones are left out by accident though.

What the role of a official in sport?

Usually to settle disputes.

How is highway driving different from city driving?

City driving tends to be stop and go, with many traffic lights, other vehicles and pedestrians. Driving on the highway is, usually, more straight forward, with less stops unless there is an accident, or a traffic jam.

Which type of front usually causes the most violent weather?

A cold front usually causes the most violent weather

Where can one find some traffic accident lawyers?

Lawyers must register with their respective court systems, usually through the state bar association. Many allow for attorneys to be self-identified by field of practice or certified some attorneys as specialists in a given area. Contacting the state bar will therefore result in a list of traffic accident lawyers.

Are leprechaun violent?

NOOOOOOOOO Not usually.

What are traffic laws formulated by?

traffic laws are usually formulated?

How do bonobo chimpanzees settle disputes?

Usually through non-reproductive sex.

Are violent felons elagible for drug court?

Not usually. Violent felons are managed in the criminal court system.

What type of fronts do violent storms usually form from?

Violent storms are often associated with cold fronts.