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Q: WHAT Is the grade D equal to in numbers?
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What does a 1.52 GPA equal to grade wise?

A 1.52 GPA is equal to" D" Grade.

What letter grade is a 1.56 GPA equal to?

1.56 would equal a D+

What does a d and a f equal to as a grade?

What does a F and a D- queal out as

How do you calculate your GPA In College work?

An A grade is equal to a 4.0 A B grade is equal to a 3.0 A C grade is equal to a 2.0 A D grade is equal to a 1.0 Each class is weighted differently when calculating your GPA. You take the Grade Point for each class and then apply the weights accordingly, this will give you your GPA (Grade Point Average)

Write an algorithm and programme to check 2 numbers are equal or not?

#include<stdio.h> void main() { int a,b; printf("enter two numbers"); scanf("%d %d",&a,&b); if(a==b) { printf("2 numbers are equal"); } else { printf("not equal"); } }

What would your GPA be if you got 3 c's and 1 d?

A C grade is equal to 2 GPA and a D grade is around 1.5 GPA. So you can calculate and find the average.

What is 1.0 GPA equal to grade wise in college?

For colleges and universities that grade on a 4.0 scale with 4.0 being the highest grade, a GPA of 1.0 would be a letter grade of D, which is a minimum pass but not high enough to graduate. In addition, courses with a grade of D will not be transferable to another institution.

What is a 4.07 GPA equal to grade wise in college?

like an D- or something In high school thats an A

What is the difference between grade D and grade A mild steel plate?

A B C after that grade D

What 3 prime numbers equal 41 when added together?

5 + 13 + 23 = 41 all of these numbers are prime numbers. Hope this helped! ;d

Is a D- a passing grade?

Technically a "D" is a passing grade but who wants one?

If you get a b on a grade and you get a d What is your total grade?


What does d equal in the following number sequence 1 d 27 64 125?

The numbers are perfect cubes, so d will also be a perfect cube.

Is a d a failing grade in the 8th grade?

No, the only failing grade is an F. D is just below average.

A faction in witch the numbers is greater than or equal to the denominator?

Suppose the number is n/d. Then n/d >= d => n <= d2 if d < 0 or n >= d2 if d > 0.

What grade does 36 out of 40 equal?

its 90%

Is a D a passing grade for 9th grade?

A D is a passing grade for 9th grade. It is the overall average of all grades that makes the difference between passing and repeating a grade.

What grade is 65 percent?

Probably a D grade.

A grade of d is worth grade points?


grade of D is worth _____ grade points?


What grade does 2.79 equal to in letter grade?

c 70%

Is a D a passing grade in middle school?

A d is a passing grade a f means your failing

What is a 1.0 GPA equal to grade?

A 1.0 GPA on a 4-point scale indicates that a student has received a 'D' average in his/her courses.

Is a D a passing grade?

This will vary from school to school. At most times a D is a passing grade, but at some schools if you get 3 D's than you would go to summer school. If given a D you are given partial credit.

How do you divide in whole numbers?

first you do this what is the common factors then when u find it that is the answer by the way when i had a test i did that and i got a very good grade! :D