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Q: Was Pythagoras a mathematician animal ruler or god?
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Is God a mathematician?

Although God knows everything about mathematics (He is omniscient), no. God is not a mathematician.

What is Archimedes god of?

Archimedes was a physicist and mathematician, not a god.

Was euclid a god?

No. Rather, he was a Greek mathematician.

Who were the important people in ancient Greece?

The most important person in Greece was God because God made the world, and the world made Greece. :) i need help on this Edit: The most important people in Ancient Greece were Archimedes, Pythagoras, and Alexander the Great. Archimedes was a famous greek mathematician, and was one who came up with a way to find the volume of an irregular shaped object, and found an accurate value of Pi. Pythagoras was a greek philosopher. Alexander the Great was a military genius and worthy ruler, who helped Athens overthrow the Persian Empire in 479 BC original answer was not made by me.

What did Pythagoras do in work?

I can't find the answer to this anywhere god sh111t33

What is a ruler in greek mythology?

A ruler of something is the same as saying the God of something. Ex: Zeus is the ruler of the sky. Zeus is the God of the sky.

The god of rebirth and ruler of the dead in ancient Egypt was named?

The Egyptian god of rebirth is the god Khepri. The ruler of the Underworld and the afterlife is the god Osiris.

Who was the Greek sky god and first ruler?

Zeus is the ruler of the sky

Who was ruler of horses and the sea?

The god Neptune was the ruler of horses and the sea.

Who was Zeus and what was he the ruler of or king of?

Zeus is a god, and he is the god of gods, or ruler of all the gods, including his wife, lol

What is the idea that God chooses a nation's ruler?

The "divine right of Kings" is the idea that God chooses a nation's ruler.

What did the egyptians call the ruler of Egypt that was a god?

An ancient Egyptian Ruler was known as a Pharaoh. The only God that I can think of that was a Pharaoh and a God was Osiris, the original god of farming.

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