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3000psi = 20.67MPa

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Q: WhAt is the value of 3000psi in Mpa?
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What is a good concrete?

3000psi, 5" slump.

Will 3000psi concrete hold your SUV?


How do you convert Mpa to KN?

kN = kilonewtons - Newtons are a unit of forceMPa = megapascals - Pascals are a unit of stresskilo denotes that you multiply the value by 1,000 and mega denotes that you multiply the value by 1,000,000Stress = Force per unit areaAs such 1 Pa = 1 N/m21 MPa = 1000 kN/m2So to convert kN into MPaStress (MPa) = Force (kN) / (Area (m2) * 1000)

What is full form of Mpa?


Is 43 Mpa stronger than 60 Mpa?

No. It is 17 Mpa LESS strong 60 Mpa = 60 N/mm2

What is the utility hydraulic system pressure on a c-130?


What is the accetable value of Pull out Test of Ceramic tile fixed with adhesive?

On site, 0.4 MPa is perfectly acceptable

Brinell hardness of 300HB in psi and Mpa?

300 mpa

How many mpa in a kpa?

0.001 MPa in one kPa

When was Fazlullah MPA born?

Fazlullah MPA was born in 1980.

What is the shearing strength of mild steel?

Compressive Stress for mild steel (IS 2062 Gr.B - ASME SA 36 is 407.7 MPa This is what I think is the value. If there are different valuses please send me a amil. Dr.S.RAmachandran, NIOT , Chennai.

How do you convert Mpa to bar?

1 pa = 1x10-5 bar or 1 Mpa = 10 bar, therefore, to convert from Mpa to bar you simply take the number of Mpa and multiply it by 10.