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If there is one thing that Shri Ram Global School is one of the best Public schools in Greater Noida and has gained status in the education circle, it's for its quest for academic brilliance and its obligation to the development of talent. SRGS is a reputed educational institution in Greater Noida. The school's infrastructure comprises air Conditioned classrooms, CCTV surveillance, smart classes, a safe Transport facility, a library, swimming pool, art room, music room, and many labs like math, science, and computer. The school was established with the objective of all-round development of the children. The concept was materialized by the Educational Director, Mrs. Geeta Varshneya Shri Ram Global School with highly qualified staff and well-reputed educationists. It is an English medium co-educational institution with k-12-based education recognized by the Govt. and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The teams of dedicated staff are all highly qualified and experienced.

As we all know β€œThe school functions as a powerful instrument that molds the minds of the children by imparting to their values and social ethics and promise to turn them into good responsible citizens. With about 1600+ students, within 2 years, 100 professionally experienced teaching staff and 15 non-teaching staff members on hand, the school emphasizes academic learning just as much as it does extra and co-curricular activities like sports, music, dance, Art, and Craft with students participating in Tournaments at the National level

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Q: What are the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West?
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Dr. Shachindra is a top dentist in greater noida.

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Which is the best school in Greater Noida?

No single school can be considered as the best school anywhere, let alone Greater Noida. There are great schools, good schools and schools. Great schools make up the list of top schools in a city or country. Parents wish the best for their dear children and dream of enrolling the little ones in one of the top schools in their cities. Many such parents spent the last year typing β€œtop 10 schools in Greater Noida admission open 2021” in the Google search bar and will continue to look for an updated list of the top schools in 2022. The list is easily accessible, curated by magazines, newspapers, government agencies and private corporations in the education sector. Parents will find the names of some of the most renowned schools of the city but will have to filter out the institutions on criteria such as annual fees, location, academic and extracurricular amenities, security, opportunities and resources, sports facilities and the teaching faculty. Some parents also filter the schools on board affiliations, preferring CBSE or ICSE over the other. My advice to you would be to go through the updated lists of the best/top schools in Greater Noida and enroll your child in the school that matches your well thought of criteria.

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Dr. Shachindra is a top dentist in greater noida.

which is the best CBSE school in Noida west?

Shri Ram Global school is the best CBSE school in Noida West. we are one of the top schools in Noida. The school aims to provide high-standard education and focuses on the holistic development of the students. This school is one of the best in the country. This school has the strength of around 3000 students. It is consistently ranked among the best schools in Noida. It has highly trained faculties. It is spread on a 4-acre campus with State of the Art STEM Labs; Studios for Visual and Performing Arts; Swimming and Splash Pools; Football, Cricket, and Tennis Courts; Indoor Badminton, Basketball, and Skating facilities; Junior Gym; Auditorium and Technology-enabled classrooms with Wi-Fi and CCTV amenities. Contact us for getting admission to the best school in Greater Noida West

Is greater noida institute of technology engineering institute greater noida is the best college please tell you position. IS this come IN TOP TEN College or not?

Yes it is a good college .It is among 10 private colleges situated in n.c.r. region

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it is very difficult to list 100 colleges here but i can list top colleges of Uttar Pradesh:-■ITM(Institute Of Technology & Management), Lucknow (483)■Hindustan Institute of Technology, NOIDA ■United College of Engineering & Research, NOIDA■Skyline Institute of Engineering & Technology, NOIDA■IILM Academy for Higher Learning, NOIDA■NOIDA Institute of Engineering & Technology, NOIDA■Greater NOIDA Institute of Technology, NOIDA■Galgotia's College of Engineering & Technology, NOIDA■Vishveshwarya Institute of Engineering & Technology, NOIDA■Priyadarshani College of Computer Sciences, NOIDA■JSS Academy of Technical Education, NOIDA■IEC College of Engineering & Technology, NOIDA■Llyod Institute of Management & Technology, NOIDA■Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology, NOIDA

Top MBA college of uptu?

IIMT group is NBA & NAAC accredited educational group , its a best in Delhi/NCR. IIMT also have good research & innovation facility in form of MSME incubation center. IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida is one of the finest MBA College in Greater Noida. You may try to get admission there. The college Infrastructure & Hostel facility is superb. Best placement record with 12.0 LPA highest package for MBA 2020 batch students

Best International School with sports facility in Noida Extension?

If you are looking to enroll your child in one of the best international schools with sports facility in Noida Extension, browse through the brochure of Pacific World School. At Pacific World School, sports are given the utmost importance, so much so that the school provides professional sports coaching to all students at no extra fee. Pacific World School is one of the top schools with sports facility in Greater Noida West. The school offers well-maintained courts, fields and other sports zones on its 5 acre campus. Students are encouraged to learn and made to participate in a range of sports activities at Pacific World School.

Which school provides the best for k-12 education in Greater Noida West?

Though there are many of the best school that offers high-quality and effective K-12 education on their campus. Shri ram Global School; has been dominating the top educational institute’s list for the past few years now and is known to cause a ripple in the field of K-12 school (Kindergarten to Grade 12) and education in Noida as it comes under the Shri ram education trust who makes the quality schools that will provide children with a platform to excel and become leaders in the fast-changing environment of modern times. The Shri Ram Global School also had COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN INDIA AND UK STUDENTS so sign your children up for admissions soon! This is a school that offers classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade (Greater Noida West). It not only offers the best facilities to its students but also a highly creative and effective learning program. Students are not evaluated based on exams here instead, they learn by exploring their environment, and various creative projects and lots of means are used to teach students language skills and give them an understanding of basic mathematical and scientific concepts. Where | Shri Ram Global School- Greater Noida West (HS 03, Sector Techzone -VII, Greater Noida West, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh -203207)

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Top engineering colleges of UP for B.techPSIT KanpurJSS NoidaITM LKO(483)KIET GhaziabadKNIT SultanpurOther top colleges of UPTU for B.Tech in greater noida:-1. Skyline Institute of Engineering and technology, gr. Noida2. Galgotias College of Engineering and technology, gr. Noida3. G.L Bajaj college of Engineering and technology, gr. Noida

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