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3-Way Extension line is employed with any of the varied infusion or transfusion apparatus which permit for connection with any medical equipment, in order to improve the ease of use. 3 way extension line also provides an alternative channel for the introduction of medication to the patient.

How to care for a 3 way extension line?

• Confirm the positioning of the cock/bar when using a three-way stopcock.

• When removing an IV drip tube from a three-way stopcock, make sure not to accidentally remove the plug/valve.

• If it is necessary to connect several three-way stopcocks together, be cautious about loosening and breaking of the joint due to being pinched or pulled by the body, etc.

• Regularly check that there is no loosening and/or shifting of the joint or fluid leakage, etc.

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Q: What is a 3 way Extension line How to care for 3 way extension line?
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