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There are sixty(60)seconds in one(1) minat half minat mean thirty seconds(30).

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Q: What is half a minute?
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How many seconds are there in a half of a minute?

30 seconds in half a minute (there are 60 seconds in a minute)

How many minutes are there in half a minute?

There are no minutes in half a minute. - In one minute there are 60 seconds. - In half a minute there are 30 seconds. - In one hour there are 60 minutes. - In half an hour there are 30 minutes.

When did Half-Minute Hero happen?

Half-Minute Hero happened in 2009.

How many minutes are there in one minute and a half?

one minute and a half

When was Half-Minute Hero created?

Half-Minute Hero was created on 2009-05-28.

How long do you boil bacon for?

for about 1 minute or a minute and a half

What is half a minute as a fraction of 1 hour?

half of a sixtieth...

If a man and a half can eat a Pie and a half in a minute and a half how many pies can one man eat in an hour?

40 (one man can eat one pie in a minute and a half)

If a horse and a half can eat a hay bale and a half in a minute and a half how long would it take six horses to eat six hay bales?

The answer for HI2 is "A minute and a half." Sneaky, I know.

How do you write one minute and a half?

There are quite a few ways; here are just a few. 1 minute and a half 1.5 minutes 1:30 1 minute 30 seconds 1 and a half minutes I hope that helps!

How long will it take half cup of water to freeze?

it takes half a minute

Is it true that when a male has sex for the first time he will only last for about a minute or minute and a half?

no not true

How long is 100 seconds?

1 minute, 40 seconds. Just over a minute and a half.

How many seconds is there in a half a minute?

30 seconds

What is .50 minutes?

It is 30 seconds which is half a minute.

How long does a typical earthquake last?

an average earthquake lasts for about a minute, but if its a big one about a minute and a half

90 minute is how many hrs?

1 and a half.....60 mins is a hour and 30 is half

What is half of 1 minute 30 seconds?

=45 second, because a half of 1 minute =30 second and a half of 30 second= 15 second and when you add 30 and 15 = 45

What is the shortest videogame?

Wow. Half minute hero! :P

What is the half of 1 minute 42 seconds?

51 seconds

How many seconds in one and a half minute?

90 seconds

What fraction is half a minute of one hour?


How many seconds are in one half minute?

30 seconds are one half minute. 60 seconds are one minute.

How long is a minor penlty in hockey?

in mites it is a minute in squirts it is a minute and a half everybody else is 2 minutes

What is the treadmill pace to run a 10.24 minute mile and a half?

The treadmill pace to run a 10.24-minute mile and a half must be at least 8.8 miles per hour.