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What is half of the number 9?

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Q: What is half of the number 7?
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Related questions

What is 7 greater than half a number?

7 greater than half a number

How is 3.5 half of 7?

Half of 6 is 3. Half of 8 is 4. 7 is not an even number, so half of 7 will not be a round number. Half of 7 is halfway between half of 6 and 8-halfway between 3 and 4. So half of 7 is 3.5 Additionally, you could multiply 7 by .5 to divide it in half. Your answer will be 3.5, for the reason explained above.

Is 7 and one half an irrational number?


What is the number if seven less than half of it is 35?

If seven less than half of the number is 35 then 7 plus 35 must be half of the number. 7 + 35 = 42 and if that is half the number the whole number must be 42 x 2, which is 84.

What is half of 7 in a whole number?

It is: 7/2 = 3.5 and rounded to a whole number it is 4

If an organisms diploid number is 14 what is its haploid number?

7, half the diploid number.

What is the algebraic equation for half a number plus 7?

x/2 + 7

What number is traditionally worn by a scrum half in rugby league?

Its number 7

What is the number half of 7?

3.5 or 3 1/2

Half of this number is 7 more than 37?


What is the algebraic expression for half a number plus 7?

24 85

How do you write half a number plus seven?

if you want to add just a half it it 0.5 + 7 = 7.5 but if it is any more you would just swap the 0 for whatever number you wanted e.g. 5.5+7=12.5

How old is Souleika?

7 and a half 7 and a half

What is 7 plus one half?

7 and a half.

What is 1 half plus 7?

7 and a half

What iss half of 7?

one half of 7 is 7/2 = 3 and 1/2

What number do you get if you divide 200 by one half and add 7?


How do you write seven less than one-half of a number?

n/2 - 7

How many days half a week?

since there are seven days in one week there cannot be an integer number to the days in half of a week, however one half of a week would be 3.5 days. True story.

What rule describes this pattern 56 28 14 7?

Each number is decreasing by half.

What mixed number is half of 45?

22.5 or 22 and 1/2 is half of 45

What are three mixed number with a different denominators that each round up to seven and one half?

7 2/5, 7 3/7, 7 4/9.

What is half of seven sixteenth?

Half of 7/16 is 7/32.

What is the algebraic expression of the difference of twice a number and seven is equal to half of the product of the number and three.?

abs(2n - 7) = 3n/2 abs(2n - 7) may also be written as |2n - 7|

What is one quarter of 30?

7 and a half