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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is it about mathematics that might have changed your thoughts about it?
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What ancient Indian invention changed the world of mathematics?

Aryabhatta who invented 0(Zero) changed the world of mathematics

What is the study of mathematics?

Errrr ... that is a really tricky question. Perhaps the answer might - just might - be mathematics!

In Midnight Sun who's thoughts does Edward hear first?

he first hears the thoughts of carlisle after he was changed.

In Tuck Everlasting how have winnie's feelings changed about the Tucks?

because of the spring it has changed he thoughts and feelings

What did White soldiers think about the 54th and did these thoughts change and why did they change?

The White soldiers thought about the 54th and these thoughts changed how they acted.

How do you think the aims of the EU might have changed since 1957?

It might have changed because the name changed

What if a straight man has gay thoughts?

A person who identifies as straight, but has some gay thoughts, might be bisexual, or he might be straight and curious. But if this man has only gay thoughts, he's actually a gay man who is confused.

What is a partner for radius?

In Mathematics, that might be diameter. In Anatomy, that might be ulna.

What might happen if someone doubts about your thoughts?

If someone doubts about your thoughts, it depends but you'll need to do some research about it. If it's unreasonable, it might cause an argument or a fight.

How does gene klotz believe the world-wide web has changed the world of mathematics?


Is there a term for someone who has weird or evil thoughts all the time?

Yes, but that depends on what you mean. If the thoughts take the form of a voice telling you to do something, that might be Schizophrenia. If the thoughts just come into your head, and you have no intention of doing them (but it does not feel like someone else is putting them in your head), then that might be OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). If the thoughts are just how you think, and you might or do carry out those thoughts and see nothing wrong with them, then that might be Antisocial Personality Disorder (once known as sociopathy or psychopathy).

How does Gene Klotz believe the world-wide web has changed the worl of mathematics?

She used her brain

What is the history of contemporary mathematics?

Customary boundaries flanked by an assortment of concentrated fields of mathematics are flattering fewer noticeable. Thoughts and techniques from physics have brought most important improvements to mathematics. To reproduce such a tendency in mathematical science, Communications in Contemporary Mathematics aims to converse the investigate in the fields of Algebra, Psychoanalysis, Applied Mathematics, Dynamical Classification, Geometry, Mathematical Physics, Number Hypothesis fractional Differential Equations, and Topology in the middle of others.

Is Algebra in mathematics come under pure mathematics?

pure mathematics is mathematics studied and used reasons other than application. So some algebra certainly might be, but not all algebra. Modern or abstract algebra would fit better in that category.

Could Lincoln be re-elected president today?

maybe if he was alive but he would be kind of old but he might also be a little racist but who knows over time his thoughts could've changed as well

Probability in third grade mathematics?

There might be a little to get you started into grade 4

What has the author Jagat Narain Kapur written?

Jagat Narain Kapur has written: 'Mathematical modelling' -- subject(s): Mathematical models 'The fascinating world of mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics 'The nature of mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics 'Current issues in world higher education' -- subject(s): Education, Higher, Higher Education 'Thoughts on mathematical education' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Study and teaching 'Essays on mathematics education' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Addresses, essays, lectures, Study and teaching

What are the stages of marketing thoughts?

There are various stages of marketing thoughts. For example, someone running a marketing campaign might first try to identify a demographic.

What might you have if you don't feel well math?

Mathematics has nothing to do with whether or not you feel well.

How can the application of mathematics be used to solve engineering problems?

The bulk of engineering is the application of mathematics for design and analysis. A mechanical engineer might calculate stresses on a tool being designing to make sure it won't break during use. A chemical engineer might calculate the amount of heat expected to be produced by a process. An electrical engineer might calculate the voltage or amperage of electricity in a circuit. There are literally millions of applications of mathematics in engineering.

What is good thoughts and bad thoughts?

A good thought is that you feel good about something like you want to get flowers for someone. A bad thought is that you might want to do something ad to someone.

How might a Roman Pagan stop himself from having unpleasant thoughts?

by dieing

What does it mean to watch your thoughts they become your words?

This question may have two answers. The first one is that when you think of words, you are pretending to speak to yourself, so thoughts becomes words. The other answer was that the saying might be thoughts become action.

Did Paul Revere change the world?

he might have changed the world by trying to keep the British from attacking he might have changed the world by trying to keep the British from attacking

How do I get rid of troubling thoughts?

It is very important to keep yourself busy in different activities to get rid of troubling thoughts. And also get closer to religion that might can help too.