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Depends what grade ur in but prolly like a 1.7 on a 4 point scale, stay on that grind Yung'n ๐Ÿ‘

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Q: What is my gpa is my grades are 2 Bs and 3 Cs and one F and one A?
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What does a 2.45 GPA mean in terms of grades?

It's either 3 Cs and 3 Bs which is 2.5 or 2 Cs, 1 D, and 3 Bs which is 2.333

What is the estimated grade for a GPA that is a 2.5?

Cs and Bs

Whats's the GPA for 2.5?

A 2.5 would be an average of Bs and Cs. To determine your GPA, let A =4, B = 3, C =2, and D=1. Add up your grades and divide by the number of classes to give you an average (your GPA).

What is AN 2.45 GPA?

it means that you have grades that average about Cs

Did Dwight D. Eisenhower get good grades in school?

He got average grades, Bs and Cs.

What is a 2.76 GPA?

If you have a 2.76 GPA (grade point average), you probably have mostly Cs and low Bs in your classes. It's a good idea to try to bring it up to at least 3.0, which could be achieved with mostly Bs.

What type of grades do you have to have in high school to go to college?

you need t have As or Bs and at the worst Cs

What is grades equal a 3.0 GPA with 6 classes?

1 A, 4 Bs, 1 C2 As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs2 As, 3 B, 1 D3 As, 3 Cs3 As, 1 B, 1 C, 1 D3 As, 2 Bs, 1 F4 As, 2 Ds4 As, 1 C, 1 F6 Bs

What grades should you have to be a animal service worker?

Well it depends most animal service workers want at least a B maybe they will allow one little C but normally they only allow Bs if your lucky Cs so keep up your grades!'

Do you need to have good grades to make the nba?

No not really but sometimes you do derrick rose for an example he got Ds and Cs for his letter grade 2 Bs

What kind of grades do all Asian people get in school all over the world?

Asians get As Bs Cs Ds or Fs just like the rest of the humans.

What would the GPA be if you got 3 cs and 1 f?

Your GPA would be 0.75

How to raise a GPA from 2.0 to 2.5 after graduation?

You can repeat courses you completed for a higher grade. I would look at the lowest grades, then repeat those courses which will raise your GPA. How long this will take depends on how many credits you have already earned. The more credits, the less the higher grade will affect the overall GPA. It will also depend on which grade you obtain in the course you repeat. Evidently, an A will affect the GPA more than a C+ or B. Because you have a 2.0, I must assume you obtained either all Cs, but more likely you have some Ds and possibly one or two Fs. Take the lowest grades first and repeat them for a higher grade.

How do you find how much bs of corrugated box is required for carrying certain amount of load?

It better if the same is measured or specified in CS of the box and not BS

How big are tila tequilas breasts?

high Bs or low to mid size Cs

What is the average report card grade of a 6th grade student?

Cs and Bs are pretty average

What are the odds in favor of spinning an a on this spinner with 8 sides. Two cs two bs three a s and one d?

Probability of a = number of a/total number = 3/8

What is Grade point average?

The grades A,B,C,D,F are given the numbers 4,3,2,1,0. Thus if you have 4 As in one semester your Grade Point Average (GPA) for that semester would be 4. If you had 2 As and 2 Cs your GPA would be 3. You add up the numerical score of your grades and divide by the number of courses. As a complication, some classes give more "credit" than others, so that you have to give more or less weight to the grade in the course, depending on how many credits the course counts for. For example, a 2-credit course counts for only half as much as a 4-credit course.

What are ABET accredited school in the Philippines?

MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY- first ABET accredited school in the PhilippinesAccredited ProgramsEngineeringChemical Engineering (BS ChE)Civil Engineering (BS CE)Computer Engineering (BS CpE)Electrical Engineering (BS EE)Electronics Engineering (BS ECE)Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (BS EnSE)Industrial Engineering (BS IE)Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)ComputingComputer Science (BS CS)Information Technology (BS IT)TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF THE PHILIPPINES- Second ABET accredited school in the PhilippinesAccredited ProgramsTIP QUEZON CITY TIP MANILAEngineering EngineeringComputer Engineering (BS CpE) Chemical Engineering (BS ChE)Electrical Engineering (BS EE) Computer Engineering (BS CpE)Electronic Engineering (BS ECE) Electrical Engineering (BS EE)Industrial Engineering (BS IE) Electronics Engineering (BS ECE)Mechanical Engineering (BS ME) Industrial Engineering (BS IE)Sanitary Engineering (BS SE) Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)Computing ComputingComputer Science (BS CS) Computer Science (BS CS)Information System (BS IS) Information System (BS IS)Information Technology (BS IT) Information Technology (BS IT)

How big a good size for breasts are?

It completely depends on your genetics =) anysize is good. Bs,Cs,Ds are good for bed

How come moi 2 sisters and moi brother get straight As moi is the 3rd child and get Bs and sometimes Cs Is there something wrong with moi?


How does Cs form an ion?

The cation of Cs is Cs+ (after loss of an electron).

What is the best university for BSCS in Pakistan?

which is the best bs cs university in pakistan Comsats Islamabad and FAST-NUCES are best BSCS uni.s in PAKISTAN..

How should you raise your grades?

Raising your grades can be quite easy. If you are getting poor grade averages in one or more particular classes, talk to your teacher about it to let them know you care and are concerned about your academic performance. Then ask about extra credit. Some to most teachers will consider adding extra credit for students to raise their grades-remember, no teacher WANTS there students to fail. It also looks bad on them. After that calculate how many more tests and homework assignments you have before grades close. If you get a perfect score on these assignments-and if they are enough-you can raise grades from Ds to Cs and Cs to Bs and Bs to As. Try hard! 1. Pay Attention in class 2. Don't be nervous to ask questions on curriculum 3. You're teacher will probably become angry or stressed if you wait until you get a bad grade to ask for extra help 4. Raise your hand if you know the answers 5. Do ALL homework assignments-it's an easy way to boost grades 6. Most teachers score homework on having it in on time-not all correct 7. Make a studying schedule that includes all sports and after school activities so you can have an organized plan of action 8. Check your grades and grade averages often-not just at the end of the year- so you can be on top of everything (it will make you feel more comfortable and in control) 9. Don't stress too much and stay relaxed I wish you luck accomplishing your goal! :)

What is the Lewis structure for CS?

CS. < thats one dot on the side