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Q: What is something that is 100 times creepier when you whisper it, CURSED ANSWERS ONLY?
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Why was Ham cursed?

Ham, son of Noah, was cursed for doing something he should not have done (seeing his father Noah drunk and naked). Answer B: The Bible does not say that Ham was cursed. It says his son Canaan was cursed.

Why is the cursed mark in Naruto is called cursed seal of heaven why they put the name heaven into it?

I believe it's called a "cursed" seal due to the fact that it is mostly placed on jinchiruki or be cause it does something unnatural to the person it's placed on such as sasuke's cursed neck mark or sai's cursed tongue mark or neji's caged bird mark

When set loose i fly away never so cursed as when i go astray what am i?

The answer to the riddle "When set loose I fly away, never so cursed as when I go astray" can be a few things. The most common answer is a fart. Other answers can be a balloon, a kite, or money.

How can you know if someone cursed you?

If you are cursed, you have been cursed.

Who cursed werewolves?

They weren't cursed but they are 'cursed' to a life of pain and torture.

Who was the Lady of Shallot cursed by and why?

Who cursed the lady of shallot and why she was cursed is not noted in the poem.

Why is the Hephaestus cabin in the Lost Hero cursed?

It had something to do with Beckendorf's death. Nobody really knows exactly why, though.

Is Uluru really cursed?

No. Uluru is not cursed. The landform is sacred to the indigenous Australians, but it is not cursed.

Is Akito cursed too?

Yes, Akito is cursed. Arguably, Akito is the most cursed.

What is a Japanese name for 'cursed child' or something close to that?

呪われた子 /no ro WA re ta ko/ would mean 'cursed child' but as a phrase not a name. I have not come across the kanji for 'curse' to be used in names in Japanese but rarely.

Who cursed medusa?

Athena cursed medusa

Who cursed the lady of shalott?

the poem doesn't exactly say who cursed the lady of shalott but it does say:'She has heard a whisper say,A curse is on her if she stayTo look down to Camelot.'so basically i think that some whispers said it to her either in her head or whatever but it was whispers

Who is the cursed child in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

Albus Severus Potter is the cursed child and the main character.

What Inuyasha episode does sango get takin by freaky women?

Trap of the cursed wall hanging and Miroku's past mistake (or something like that).

How do you get cursed on Conquer Online?

You Get Cursed By killing players who are blessed

Why did Medusa get cursed?

He was cursed by Athena for coming into her temple with poseidon.

What is it about the cursed costume for the Cardinals?

They aren't cursed the Cardinals rock.

When was Cursed Days created?

Cursed Days was created in 1936.

When did Cursed - band - end?

Cursed - band - ended in 2008.

When did The Cursed Crusade happen?

The Cursed Crusade happened in 360.

When was Cursed released?

Cursed was released on 02/25/2005.

When was Cursed - band - created?

Cursed - band - was created in 2001.

What was the Production Budget for Cursed?

The Production Budget for Cursed was $35,000,000.

When did Cursed Mountain happen?

Cursed Mountain happened in 2009.

How do you use cursed in a sentence?

The first way you could use cursed in a sentence is "he was forever cursed to a life of pain". If you wish to use it as a swearing type curse a sentence you could use is " he cursed loudly at John"