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runing and tagleing

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i like foot ball
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Q: What is the 98% in football?
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What actors and actresses appeared in NCAA Football 98 - 1997?

The cast of NCAA Football 98 - 1997 includes: Fred Melamed as Announcer (1998-2003)

Can a whale be the size of a football field?

They are big- but not THAT big. An adult Blue Whale is about 98 feet long. A football field is 300 ft long.

Who was manager of Italian football team 1996-98?

It was giovani Trapotonni.

Which English football club won the football league in 1997?

1996-97 - Bolton Wanderers 1997-98 - Nottingham Forest

Michigan football retired numbers?

11, 47, 48, 87, 98

Who is Seth Mcclurkin?

Ex Dana college football player from 1994-98.

Who are the most famous players to wear number 98 in football?

Jillian Peterson

What year did you of M win national championship?

1997-98 ncaa football season

Who is the oldest football player living?

Sammy baugh but sadly die in 2008 and lived to be 98

Which college football program has produced the most academic all Americans?

The Correct Answer is Nebraska with 98

What professional football players have worn number 98?

_____ Davis. I don't remember what his first name was.

What is the best high school football team in Mississippi?

south panola no dobt 98% of the time

What is the ruling in TX HS Football on a defensive off sides on a successful PAT attempt?


What team won the premier league in 1997?

The Arsenal Football Club won in the 97-98 season.

How many points is an assist worth in football?

3+10-9-6+100-98= Amount of points.

Have barnsley swansea and Cardiff played in the premiership football league?

Barnsley have - they spent one season in the Premiership, in 1997-98.

Who won the English football league in 1997?

in 96-97 it was Manchester united in 97-98 it was Arsenal

How fast could dan marino throw a football?

98 mph, obtained a one million dollar insurance policy on his right arm.

Who are the 5 gaa football captains who won all irelands and no all-star?

Gary Fahey 2001 and Ray Silke in 98

Livingstone college 1996-1997 college CIAA football championship rings made by?

The 97 and 98 CIAA rings were made by Jostens.

Which football club won the Premiership in 1998?

Arsenal F.C. in the 1997-98 season and Manchester United F.C. in the 1998-99 season.

What is 98 98 98?


Who has the longest high school football winning streak in Arizona?

Blue Ridge High School won 63 games straight from 1994-98

What is 98 plus 98 plus 98 plus 98 plus 98 plus 98?

It is 98*6 = 588

What percentage of professional football players played in college?

At least 98 to 99 percent of professional football players have played football in college. It is very rare that high school students get drafted when they are that young. Also, most franchises like to watch a few certain players in college so they learn more about the game and so they have more practice!