What is the best investment plan to get 15-20% returns in India?

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Radhika Patil

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2023-03-31 11:25:35

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Q: What is the best investment plan to get 15-20% returns in India?
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What are the best businesses in India to start with a little investment?

paper bag,paper cup manufacture

Which Commodity ETFS have the best short-term returns?

EFTS commodities rarely have good short term returns. If you are looking at short term, it is better to find a different investment plan altogether.

What is the best investment i can make with my cash annuity settlement?

Stock mutual funds have traditionaly provided the best investments over the long term. Past performance is no gurantee of future returns. There are several good investment oppurtunities available for a lump sum of cash. i would suggest an investment in real estate.

How can I apply for equity funds?

Equity funds is one of the best form of investment for wealth management. It offer good returns over medium to long-term. You can apply for it from the bank directly.

Can a dell Inspiron 1520 run pro tools?

Some people can run pro tools on the Dell Inspiron 1520 and some have issues. It is best to contact dell support.

How does a person find the highest paying financial investments online?

One financial investment doesn't necessarily provide better returns than another, so there is no list of the best paying investments. A good place to start would be working with a financial advisory about secure investment ideas.

What investment company is the best?

I heard about a company the best investment company. Rivargroup you can check the website for more information.

What is the best investment nowadays?

To work out the best investment you really have to consider supply and demand. Look at how many people are wanting the "investment" and how many people are selling it. If demand is higher then supply than you have a good investment.

What is Government of India Bonds?

The best I could do is ask you to look at the Government bond list. Many countries such as India issue bonds or simple an IOU

Which is the best banking product for investment?

Are you confused with options for investments, best would to consult your relationship manager. There are a gamut of options to choose from in the arena of investment solutions. The best secured option is to have your capital blocked in a term deposit. There are other options also like mutual funds and equity markets which might higher returns, however at a risk They will be in a good position to showcase the banking products suiting your requirements.

Can mutual funds include bonds as well as stocks?

Yes. Mutual Funds can invest in any possible instrument that can generate the best returns for investors. It all depends on the Investment Rationale of the Mutual Fund Scheme

What does Option Chain refer to when talking about investment?

When referring to investment an option chain is a chart that shows the current price quotes for all of the contracts in a particular stock. Most online brokers display option quotes in the form of an option chain.

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