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Q: What is the linear equation that represents the cost of a rental car Round to the nearest hundredth?
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When is a linear equation an identity?

When the equation represents a horizontal line.

How are linear inequalities different from linear equations?

A linear equation represents a line. A linear inequality represents part of the space on one side (or the other) of the line defined by the corresponding equation.

The line that represents all of the solutions of a linear equation is called?

The solution set.

What does the graph of a line represent?

It represents all solutions to the linear equation.

The value 11.7 represents the of the graph of the following linear regression equation?


What is the decimal equivalent of the linear foot measurement notation 12 rounded to the nearest hundredth?


What is the decimal equivalent of the linear foot measurement notation 12 to the 6 power rounded to the nearest hundredth?


What does it mean for a ordered pair to be a solution to a linear equation?

An ordered pair is a solution only of a linear equation in two variables - not any linear equation. Often the variables are denoted by x and y. If the first of the ordered pair is substituted for x in the equation, and the second for y, then the equation represents a true statement.

Why is a degree 1 polynomial equation ax plus by equals 0 called a linear equation?

A linear equation is one which represents a straight line. When drawn (y plotted against x), a degree 1 polynomial produces a straight line.

What does the y-intercept represent in a linear regression equation?

It represents the value of the y variable when the x variable is zero.

What represents the linear equation 2x y 3 in slope-intercept form?

None of them, since there is nothing following.

Is a linear equation the same as a function?

No a linear equation are not the same as a linear function. The linear function is written as Ax+By=C. The linear equation is f{x}=m+b.

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