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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the result when you the following line of code after a prompt print (3+11)?
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What is the command prompt code?

when you are in cmd command prompt "type" help and you will see all the codes

Where to get print code in passport application?

what is print code ni passport

What is the use of print option in c plus plus?

C++ has no print option. The print option in your IDE allows you to print your C++ source code, thus giving you a "hard" copy of your code.

How do you print a file in foxpro?

You can try the below FoxPro code: Report Form "C:\Project\Reports\PrintReport" Preview Report Form "C:\Project\Reports\PrintReport" To Printer Prompt Nodialog Preview

-What is the use of Batch File?

It runs code in the command prompt

How do you write a java program multiplying three numbers?

simply enter three nos. lyk a b and c and use the code a*b*c and print the result!!

How do I enter unlock code for htc touch pro 2 if The phone don't ask YOUfor an unlock code when I inset sim card?

If you insert the sim card in the HTC Touch Pro 2 and it does not prompt you for an unlock code then try using another sim card. Inserting the sim card should prompt for a code.

How can print both statement of if and else?

Simply print the whole source-code.

In jcl Which statement transmits print output to the remote location called DETROIT?

JCL is a type of communication code for computers. To get a print job to print out in Detroit, special steps must be followed and input correctly using the code.

Can you print off a ID and key code for the pink kitty buildabear?

It is not possible for a person to print off an ID and key code from the pink kitty Build-a-Bear. This code only comes with the toy itself.

What is an example of a behavior that should be addressed in a code of ethics?

following the instructions of superiors; being reliable and prompt; maintaining confidentiality; not accepting personal gifts from stakeholders; avoiding discrimination based on race, gender, age or sexual orientation; avoiding conflicts of interest;

How do you compile source code from the command prompt in java?

compile:javac filename.javarun:java filename

Fine print 6.12 registration code?

Just Waiting

What is the code to print odd numbers from 20 to 30 in qbasic?

The following code will produce a list of numbers in steps of 2. It can be modified for any start & end number, and the size of the step. start% = 21 end% = 29 FOR num% = start% TO end% STEP 2 PRINT num% NEXT The above code will produce the results 21,23,25,27 & 29

How do you print a .prn file using vb code?

give print then select print to file give the file name that file may prn file by

What is the code for code 3 on welcome to the web?

The code is MHRAC hope this helps! I am looking for the code for the puzzle where your supposed to print.....Don't have a printer :(

Does Nevada have a prompt pay law?

Yes. See Nevada Revised Code sections 624.606- 624.630.

What are print drivers and what do they do?

Print drivers are code segments that allow the operating system to communicate with the printer attached to the computer.

Does HTML help print things?

No. You can print HTML pages and its code, but you cannot initiate printing with HTML itself.

Are there code lyoko posters?

yes there are you can print them at

How many pages are in The DaVinci Code?

There are 454 pages in the paperback version of the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown 10th print

What keys are the operators used while making qbasic program?

QBASIC operators are listed as follows.../along with some example QBASIC code... ->LOGICAL OPERATORS AND OR NOT EXAMPLE QBASIC CODE:- A=1 B=1 IF (A AND B) THEN PRINT "Result: True" ELSE PRINT "Result: False" ...output... Result: True A=1 B=2 IF (A AND B) THEN PRINT "Result: True" ELSE PRINT "Result: False" ...output... Result: False -> MATHEMATICAL OPERATORS + plus - minus * multiply / divide MOD division remainder ^ raise to the power EXAMPLE QBASIC CODE:- num1=4 num2=2 PRINT num1 + num2 PRINT num1 - num2 PRINT num1 * num2 PRINT num1 / num2 PRINT num1 MOD num2 PRINT num1 ^ num2 ...output... 6 2 8 2 0 16 -> COMPARISON OPERATORS = equals > greater than < lesser than >= greater than/or, equals <= lesser than/or, equals <> not EXAMPLE QBASIC CODE:- num1 = 6 num2 = 8 IF num1 = num2 THEN PRINT "Equal to" IF num1 > num2 THEN PRINT "Greater than" IF num1 < num2 THEN PRINT "Lesser than" IF num1 >= num2 THEN PRINT "Greater than/or, equal to" IF num1 <= num2 THEN PRINT "Lesser than/or, equal to" IF num1 <> num2 THEN PRINT "NOT equal" ...output... Lesser than Lesser than/or, equal to NOT equal

C program to print its own code?

You are referring to a quine

Canon ipf610 error code e161-403e?

Abnormally high print head temperature. Check environment if acceptable replace print head.

How do you add code for printing document in php code?

You cannot call the print function from within PHP code. This is mainly because the PHP code is run server-side, and the printer is firmly part of the client's individual setup. That said, you can use JavaScript to politely ask the browser to print the document. The call will cause the browser to bring up its default print dialog. The specific JavaScript method you're after is window.print();