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Q: What is the surface area of the shape?
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What is the amount of surface a shape has?

Surface area of a shape depends on what shape you have in mind.

When you measure the surface area do you measure all the shape or the bottom of the shape?

all of the shape, surface area is the total length of all edges of the shape

How could you calculate the surface area of a shape?

To calculate the surface area of a shape find the area of each side, and then, add all of the areas together. The sum of the areas is the surface area.

How do you calculate the surface-area-to-volume-ratio?

The surface-area-to-volume ratio may be calculated as follows: -- Find the surface area of the shape. -- Find the volume of the shape. -- Divide the surface area by the volume. The quotient is the surface-area-to-volume ratio.

How does a 2D shape look different from a 3D shape?

A 2D shape is flat and only has a surface area whereas a 3D shape is an object that has surface area and volume.

What is the difference of the surface area of a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

The surface area of a cylinder prism has round shape and the surface of a rectangular prism has a square shape.

What is the formula to calculate surface area?

It depends on the shape whose surface area you are interested in.

What is the formula to find the surface area?

The surface area is the sum of the areas of all side of the shape.

What shape has the most surface area?

least volume and most surface area is 3D triangle

What is the amount of space that the surface of a shape takes up?

Surface Area

How maggots have the surface area?

Maggots have a shape which is defined by their skin. The total area of the skin is the maggot's surface area.

How do you find the area of a number?

you can't? a number isn't a shape. you can find the area of a closed shape, or the surface area of a 3D shape, but not just a number.

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