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Five main types of new water reducers:

(1) Polycarboxylic acid water reducer

(2) Naphthalene water reducing agent

(3) Sulfamic acid series water reducer

(4) Modified lignosulfonate to reduce water

(5) Hybrid water reducer

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Chemate Chemical

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The most commonly used water reducers are lignosulfonates and their derivatives, such as, calcium lignosulfonate, sodium lignosulfonate, magnesium lignosulfonate, etc,

Concrete superplasticizers mainly include naphthalene sulfonate water reduce, melamine water reduce, aliphatic superplasticizer, amino superplasticizer.

Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer PCE is the most commonly used high performance water reducing agent.

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Q: What types of superplasticizers are divided into?
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