What 2D shape with 3 sides?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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A triangle as no other 2d shape can have 3 sides.

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Q: What 2D shape with 3 sides?
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What 2d shape has 3 sides?

A triangle

What is a 2d shape with 3 sides?

One answer is triangle

What 2d shape has 4 sides and 3 vertices?


What is the name of a 2D shape with 9 sides?

A 2D shape with 9 sides is called a Nonagon.

What shape has equal sides but 2D?

The shape of 2D is a flat surface.

What is A 2D shape with 3 or more straight sides called?

A polygon.

What 2D shape has 3 equal angles and 3 equal sides?

An equilateral triangle.

What 2d shape has 1 right angle and 3 sides are straight?


What 2D shape that has 4 sides with 13 letters?

A 2D shape that has four sides and is thirteen letters long is a quadrilateral.

Are faces the same as sides in a 2d shape?

No. A 2d shape is a plane area, which may be regarded as a face, which is bounded by a side or sides.

How many sides does a quadagon have?

Any 4 sided 2D shape

What is 2D shape does not have equal sides?

2d shapes that do not have equal sides do not usually have special names.