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There are no two numbers that can be added to create -12 and multiplied to create 720, as both integers would have to be negative to create negative addition and positive multiplication if the multiplication came out to -720 your answer would be

-40 + 18 = -22

-40 * 18 = -720


Expressing the question mathematically as equations:

If x+y=-12 and xy=-720 what are x and y

Since x+y=-12 is the same as x=-(12+y)

substituting this equation into xy=-720 gives -y(y+12)=-720 which reduces to the quadratic equation y2+12y-720=0 so that y=21.495

substituting this into x+y=-12 makes x= -33.495

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Q: What 2 numbers added together add -12 and muliplied equal 720?
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