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3.5903 and 28.4097 (to 4 dp).

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Q: What 2 numbers adds together to make 32 and multiplies to make 102?
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What multiplies to make 24 but adds to make 1?


What is a number that multiplies to get 21 and adds up to make 4?


What multiplies to make -36 and adds to 0?


What adds to make 8 and multiplies to make -5?


What multiplies into -88 and adds to make -2?


What adds to 23 and multiplies to 50?

Unfortunately there are no numbers that add to make 23 and multiply to make 50.25 + (-2) = 2325 x -2 = -50

What multiplies to 200 and adds to -30?


What times together to make -95 and adds to make 6?


What two numbers multiply to get 441?

21 multiplies to 21 to make it 441

What adds together to make -9 but times together to make 4?

The numbers are: -0.4688 and -8.5312 to 4 decimal places More accurate values can be found by using the quadratic equation formula

Which 3 prime numbers multiply to make 45?


What adds together to make 2 and times together to make -24?


What adds together to make-8 but times together to make -20?


What number multiplies to make 128 and adds up to 36?


What times what equals 192 but adds together to make -48?


What multiplies to make 3 and adds to make 2?

There are no real numbers that will answer this question, just imaginary numbers. The imaginary numbers are 1+sqrt(-2) and 1-sqrt(-2), which we normally write as 1+2i and 1-2i where i stands for the sort of (-1) (1+2i) + (1-2i) =2 (1+2i) * (1-2i) = 3 (note * stands for multiply)

Which organelle adds amino acids together to make protein?

the ribosome

What factor of 70 that adds together to make 17?

10 and 7

How many numbers can you make from 650271 without repeating a digit?

1,956 different numbers can be made from 6 digits. You can calculate this by using the permutation function in a summation function, like this: Σ6k=1 6Pk = 6P1+6P2+...+6P5+6P6 What this does is calculate how many 1 digit numbers you can make from 6 digits, then how many 2 digit numbers can be made from 6 digits and adds the amounts together, then calculates how many 3 digit numbers can be made and adds that on as well etc.

What numbers are timesed together to make -18?

the numbers that make 18 mulitplyed together are 1,2,3,6,9 ect

What two numbers add together to make 17 and multiply together to make 52?

The numbers are 4 and 13

What two numbers add together to make -2 but multiply together to make -15?

The numbers are: -5 and 3

What 2 factors of 36 that adds together to make -13?

-4 and -9

What 2 factors of 32 that adds together to make 4?

2 and 2