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If you mean the sum of two cubed numbers then the answer is simply 'none' with the trivial exception of all of them being 0. For more info check out "Fermat's last theorem".

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Q: What 2 numbers cubed equal the third number cubed?
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What cubed numbers equal 1?

.333... or 1/3 or one third. They're all the same.

What is the cube of 8?

Something that is cubed, is a number to the third power. So in this case 8 cubed would be equal to 8x8x8, which is 512.

Is a number to the third power cubed?

Yes. "Cubed" means the same as "raised to the third power".

Is the number 216 a cubed number?

Yes. 6x6x6=216 When a number is cubed, it is multiplied to the third power.

What is a number called to the third power?


How do you get rid of a cubed number in an equation?

To get rid of a cubed number in an equation, you need to take its cube root. For example, if you have x raised to the third power is equal to 2 raised to the third power, then one takes the cube root of both sides of the equation to find that x is equal to 2.

Raising a number to the third power?

Raising a number to the third power is referred to as cubed.

What is cubed or third power?

cubed is when you times the number by itself 3 times e.g. 3times3times3=27=cubed

Why is a number raised to the third power called cubed?

When you raise a number to the third power, you get the 'cube' of the original number

What is the sum of two numbers times a third number is equal to the sum of each addend times the third number?

That's the distributive property.

What is called a number raised to the power 3?

a cubed number or a number to the third power

4 numbers add up to 456 the fourth number is twice the second number and the third number is 26 more than the second number if the second number is equal to the first number find the third number?

The third number is 112, the numbers are 86, 86, 112, 172

What the missing number in this sequence 1-8-27--125-216?

64.The first number is 1 cubed, the second is 2 cubed, the third is 3 cubed, etc.

What is the name for a number to the second power?

squared as in square units and to the third power it would be cubed as in cubed units

Is 1 cubed equal to 1 to the third power?

Yes, because cubed means to the third power, so 13 = 1, just as 1 to the 3rd power does. The same is true for any other number, as well. For example: 53 is the same as 5 to the 3rd power, which is 125.

The word means to the third power?

The word that means to the third power is cubed. Mostly used in math, if a number or letter has a small 3 towards the top, that means its cubed.

What does cubed mean with exponents?

In exponents cubed means "to the third power"5 Cubed =5 To the third power =53 =15

Why is the expression 2 to the third power called 2 cubed?

cubed is 3 dimensional. Three being the main word/number. so they use 3 as cubed due to its ties with dimensional

Why is the third power of a number cubed?

Let the number be n.Then (n3)3 = n3 x 3 = n9.........or n to the power nine.However, if the question is what the the one-third power of a number cubed, then:(n3)1/3 = n3 x 1/3 = n1 = n

The sum of 4 numbers is 83095 two of the numbers are 29854 and 17031 the third and fourth number are the same what is the third number?


Is 18 to the third power cubed?

18 to the third power means the same as 18 cubed, which equals 5,832.

An expression of the form 5 to the 3rd power?

An expression for 5 raised to the third power or 5 cubed is 5 x 5 x 5. It simply multiplying the base number 5 three times. The result would be that 5 cubed is equal to 125.

Why is the exponent three called cubed?

Cubed is the third dimension because it is a cube. A cube has three dimensions of equal amount. A cube of three-inch sides, to get its volume you'd multiply three times three times three, which is three cubed.

One third is equal to what decimal?

One third is equal to 0.33 decimal. One third is a fraction that is derived at dividing a whole number into three equal parts.

What word means to the third power?