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A square and rectangle are two of them out of many many more

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Q: What 2 shapes have the same amount of corners?
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Which 2 shapes have the same number of faces vertices and corners?

One possible pair is a cube and a parallelepiped. Vertices and corners are the same thing!

What shapes have 2 shapes with 8 corners?

A cube or a cuboid both have 8 corners which are known as vertices

What shapes has 4 corners and 2 sets that are equal size?

A Rectangle

What has the smallest number of corners of all the shapes?

A coroner is an official who leads investigations into deaths in violent or suspicious conditions. It is not clear that there are any particular shapes that reduce their numbers.If you meant corners, then in 2-dimensional space is any closed curve such as a circle, an ellipse, an oval or even an irregular shape have zero corners. These shapes have their 3 dimensional counterparts, also with no corners.

How many corners and sides does the heart shape have?

2 side 2 corners and same lenght

Which 2 shapes have 4 corners of 90 each what is the answer?

There is only the rectangle, with a square as a special case.

Is an acute and an equilateral the same?

no. Equilateral is the same amount of sides on 2 different shapes. and acute is smaller than a 90 degree angle.

Which 2 shapes have the same edges vertices and faces?

Congruent shapes.

What do you call 2 shapes that are the same shape and size?

Two shapes that are the same shape and size are congruent.

If the scale factor is 1 on 2 shapes are the two shapes the same size?


What shapes has 2 pairs of parallel sides and no square corners?

A parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel sides, and provided that it isn't a square, it has no square corners. If necessary, you could call it an "oblique parallelogram" to indicate that it isn't square.

What 2 shapes have the same number of faces?

square and rectangle

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