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A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.

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Q: What 3 expessions show a pyramids number of faces and vertices and edges?
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How many faces edges and vertices do rectangular pyramids have?

5 faces 8 edges 5 vertices

How many faces edges and vertices's do hexagon pyramids have?

7 faces 12 edges 7 vertices

How many faces edges and vertices do connected pyramid have?

A Connected Pyramids have 10 Faces, 12 Vertices, 20 Edges.

How many vertices edges and faces do octagonal pyramids have?

An octagonal pyramid has 9 faces, 9 vertices, 16 edges.

How many faces edges and vertices do Pentagonal pyramids have?

Pentagonal pyramids have six faces, ten edges, and six vertices. One of the faces is a pentagonal base, the rest are triangular.

What shapes have 5 vertices and 8 edges?

Rectangular pyramids

How do you calculate the number of vertices and edges if you know the number of faces?

You cannot. For example: 6 faces can be a cuboid (8 vertices and 12 edges) or it can by a triangular di-pyramid (5 vertices, 9 edges). Incidentally, a triangular di-pyramid is just two triangular pyramids stuck together at one face.

How many faces edges and vertices do triangular pyramids have?

Faces = 4 Edges = 6 Vertices = 4 The shape is also known as a tetrahedron.

Which 2 shapes have the same number of edges and vertices?

no numbers have the same number of edges and vertices

What is the relationship among the vertices's faces and edges of polyhedrons?

If you add the vertices and Faces and subtract 2 from that number you get the number of edges. Vertices+Faces=Edges+2

What solid figure has 4 more edges than vertices?

A triangular dipyramid (two tetrahedrons or triangular pyramids stuck together) has 9 edges and 5 vertices. A parallelepiped (including cuboid) has 12 edges and 8 vertices

What is a shape that has equal number of faces equal number edges and equal number of vertices?

A sphere- there are no faces, edges or vertices